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When to Install a
Home Backup Generator

The Ideal Time to Install a Home Backup Generator

Provide Homeowners with Added Security from the Start
The new home construction process is the easiest and most affordable time to install a Generac standby generator. Installed during the wiring process, it allows the homeowner to save substantially on installation costs. With financing options and the ability to roll costs into the mortgage, homeowners will find additional value in installation during the new building phase.

Remodeling Offers Additional Opportunity
Currently, 97% of homes are without a standby generator, which means 97% of homes are vulnerable to inevitable power failure. If even a single percentage of those unprotected homes experience a major remodel, adding a generator at this time will result in substantial returns. To many contractors, it's similar to adding another appliance to an exsisting home.

Availability and Price
Keeping the building process on schedule is key to avoiding a project over budget. Generac products, even customized systems, are readily available, and will keep your project on track at an affordable, preferred Builder Alliance member pricing. Become a member today and enjoy industry exclusive pricing.

GenReady™ Load Center
Designed with builders in mind, new home construction or renovations with electrical upgrades are the ideal time to install Generac’s GenReady Load Center. Because it’s a hybrid electrical distribution panel combined with the transfer switch, homeowners benefit from substantial savings on installation and a simplified generator system. No additional transfer switches or sub panels are needed, avoiding additional wiring and eliminating costs when a generator is installed at the time of building or in the future.

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