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More Power in Generac's Power Design Pro™ Tool

More Power in Generac's Power Design Pro™ Tool


Generac is pleased to announce a data update to our Power Design Pro software.  This update incorporates numerous new product families and expands the range of some of the existing products as outlined below.

These updates went live on November 19th, and all current users will automatically receive the update when opening Power Design Pro.

The new product updates include:

  • Diesel units at 800 kW, 1 MW, 1.25 MW, 1.6 MW, and 2 MW
  • Spark-ignited 400 kW unit
  • Domestic and international Protector Series™ diesel units
  • Generac international spark-ignited units
  • Mobile domestic and international mobile units

If you are new to this software program, Generac’s Power Design Pro is a complete generator sizing and system design tool supporting both electrical and mechanical design. To meet the generator sizing needs for today’s complex loads, Generac has incorporated 55 years of power generation experience into the market’s most advanced generator design tool.  Power Design Pro incorporates state of the art algorithms that accurately model a load’s true characteristics.  This modeling includes full harmonic and transient analysis to ensure complete generator to load compatibility.  The promise of Power Design Pro is to provide the market with the most powerful and accurate generator design tool, unmatched by any other software in the industry.

When it comes to accurately capturing a load’s true nature, most sizing programs don’t even ask the right questions.  Is the UPS technology passive, line interactive, ferro-resonant, or double conversion?  Is the variable frequency drive input 6 pulse unfiltered, filtered, or IGBT?  How many compressor motors are being utilized in that 100 ton chiller system and is reheat being applied?  Is that soft starter using voltage ramping or is it stepping voltage up to the current limit setting?  How can you get the right answers without asking the pertinent questions?  Power Design Pro utilizes an expert system approach to provide safe default settings for times when specific information is limited, but incorporates the right questions to fully model a load’s true characteristics when information is available.  And for those out of the ordinary applications, Power Design Pro allows users to build their own load types, inclusive of starting, running, and harmonic characteristics.

Current market sizing programs use simple rule of thumb multipliers to size the generator for non linear loads.  Given the vast variation between different types of loads from different manufacturers, simple multiplier sizing is just not adequate for today’s complex loads.  Power Design Pro utilizes harmonic analysis to limit the harmonic voltage distortion to acceptable levels.  The program automatically selects an appropriate harmonic current signature for each load type but gives the user the ability to modify it to accurately model any load.  Once the loads are entered, Power Design Pro calculates the resulting harmonic voltage distortion as that load is applied to various generators.

Power Design Pro is intended to be a one stop solution center for the consulting engineer: spec sheets, installation drawings, and full spec text library with integrated design notes.   Power Design Pro also includes mechanical design elements for exhaust and gas piping.   This resource will automatically select and size the appropriate gas and exhaust piping for a generator based on the length of run and number of bends in the piping.  It also allows the user to manually select the pipe sizing and calculate expected pressure drops in the piping.

Power Design Pro is simply one of the best resources in the market for generator sizing.  We encourage you to confirm this for yourself.  Download Power Design Pro today.