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Lassus Case Study Video Highlights the Community Benefits

Lassus Case Study Video Highlights the Community Benefits


Lassus Handy Dandy, a family-owned convenience store chain based in Fort Wayne, Ind., operates stores throughout Indiana and Ohio. For more than 85 years, Lassus has been run with a sense of responsibility as they provide fuel to municipal vehicles including fire, police and emergency medical services (EMS).

This video highlights the impact of a recent ice storm, and why a backup generator was installed by two Generac distributors. You may find the Lassus video useful in explaining the benefits of backup power to small and mid-size business owners.

To summarize: a major ice storm struck Fort Wayne and the power was out for many days. As a result, two Lassus locations lost perishable food stored in freezers and refrigeration units. “While the monetary loss was significant; the owner of Lassus Handy Dandy indicated that he was more concerned that the company was not able to provide fuel for emergency vehicles or basic supplies to community members,” said Dave Dazey, Principal, EVAPAR, an Authorized Generac Industrial Distributor based in Indiana.

Lassus initially contacted a residential generator dealer to find a solution. However, the application migrated to an industrial generator configuration, leading to EVAPAR’s involvement.

“The owner did not want to rely on the delivery of diesel fuel during a major storm, so we selected an SG100 natural gas generator to keep the operation running smoothly,” said Dazey.  The generator features a 9.0L engine, brushless alternator, H Panel control, and standard enclosure. It is coupled to the facility with a 3-pole, 800A service entrance rated, Power Series Transfer Switch.

The unit was installed in June, and now the Lassus stores are ready to assist the community during what will certainly be a difficult winter.