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Power Design Pro™ Tip: Basic Data Input Screens

Power Design Pro™ Tip: Basic Data Input Screens


Power Design Pro™ Tip: Basic Data Input Screens

This is the second article in our series about Power Design Pro™ Software and it covers the basic screens you will see when sizing a project.

Project Setup Section
Opening Power Design Pro will take you to the Project Setup Screen.  This section contains basic information about the project including:

  • Contact Info
  • Environmental Information (ambient temperature, elevation)
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Generator Requirements

This information is used throughout the sizing to properly recommend a generator solution to fit the specified requirements.

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Load Summary Section
The next section is the load summary section.  This section summarizes all loads that have been added to the project.  In this section, you can:

  • Review, edit, or modify the loads in the project.
  • Review the total load resulting from all individual loads.
  • Group loads into separate load steps for generator startup.
  • Define loads to shed during generator operation.
  • View the recommended generator solution.
  • Manually choose a generator solution.
  • Download documentation including SpecText® (master guide specification generating software), spec sheets, installation drawings, and more.

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Adding Loads
The ‘Add Loads’ section contains a list of several types of typical loads found in commercial and industrial applications. Clicking on each load (Fire Pump example shown) allows you to modify specific information about the load or you may use the default information provided. Once the load information is entered; clicking the ‘Add’ button inputs this information into the load summary screen and adds it to the other loads that have already been entered. It’s important to click the “Add” button after each new load.

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Help Function
Every screen within Power Design Pro has a help icon in the upper right corner.  This help function is dynamic, providing additional information to topics related to the specific screen you are viewing.  This allows you to more easily and quickly reference relevant information based on work you are currently doing. 

Additional Functionality
In addition to the sizing capabilities mentioned previously, Power Design Pro also contains functionality such as:

  • Requesting a Quote
  • Requesting Additional Information
  • Gas Pipe sizing
  • Exhaust Pipe Sizing
  • Generator and Pad Layout Tool
  • Summary Reporting

We will examine each of these sections in detail in future PowerConnect Newsletter articles. For more information go to the Power Design Pro software page.