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Redesign of 400-600kW Diesel Products Reflects "Voice-of-The-Customer" Improvements

Redesign of 400-600kW Diesel Products Reflects "Voice-of-The-Customer" Improvements


Generac Industrial Power once again highlights its commitment to continuous improvement with the latest release of the 400/500/600kW diesel industrial configured generators. This dramatic new refresh applies to single and paralleled emergency and standby solutions. “This product line improvement is the direct result of going out to our customers and listening to their needs and wants,” said Paul Bowers, Vice President, Industrial sales.

Taking customer feedback to heart, Generac established redesign goals to make installation easier, support stricter code requirements, ensure reliability and maximize performance.

This generator redesign reduces installation labor by elevating the generator breakers, providing more room for cable regrouping. Repositioning the breakers means cables run straight into the breaker bays for connections, with or without gland plate conduit termination. The alternator connection boxes also offer optional main lug connections in either of the circuit breaker bays for easier selective coordination. Generators can be configured with a single output breaker on one side and a set of main lug connections on the other side for easy load bank access.

Modifications also address stricter local code interpretations that call for the separation of circuits inside the connection box. And to minimize exposure to arc flash potential, all control wiring is isolated in a termination box away from power cabling.

Generac continues to raise reliability standards. A new and innovative upward radiator discharge hood provides protection against circulating air discharge, prevailing wind issues, hot muffler heat rejection, and physical damage to the radiator. “Placing the muffler in the discharge hood is optimal for system reliability and aesthetics,” said Rick Lincoln, Director of Engineering, Generac. This genset configuration also improves vibration isolation and damping. The entire engine and alternator are isolated from the frame using IBC seismic certified vibration dampeners. “This allows all the supporting equipment to be rigidly mounted to a seismically reinforced and vibration damped frame,” said Lincoln.

The most noticeable change in the line-up is integrating the Perkins® diesel engine. The 400kW to 600kW Generac generators are now powered by the Perkins 12.5L, 15.2L and 18.1L engines. Working with an established strategic diesel engine partner allows Generac to deliver higher performance and proven reliability.

The Perkins engines are EPA certified low emission. They feature electronic fuel injection and are engineered for fast start-ups and optimized transient loading.

“One of our goals with this redesign is to maximize generator performance. Our customers in mission-critical applications have voiced their desire to start and parallel a multi-megawatt generator system within ten seconds. These engines give us that capability,” said Bowers.

Even as Generac continuously seeks new efficiencies and enhancements, these new diesel generators rely on the same trusted G-200 and H-100 PowerManager® Controllers used throughout the industrial products line. Of course, each of the new generators will retain all of its configurable options and meet all regulatory compliances, including UL, NEC, NFPA, and IBC 2009 and 2012 seismic certification.

Most importantly, these changes demonstrate Generac’s dedication to the very highest standards of quality and reliability for their industrial diesel products.