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Sun City Pediatrics Backups Its Power to Keep Patients Safe and Healthy

Sun City Pediatrics Backups Its Power to Keep Patients Safe and Healthy


Sun City Pediatrics clinic in El Paso, Texas has provided pediatrics care for the community for more than 20 years. The clinic keeps vaccinations on hand for patients, which must be kept in at the temperatures recommended by the vaccine manufacturers at all times. Failure to adhere to recommended specifications for vaccine storage and handling can reduce their potency, thus resulting in an inadequate immune response and inadequate protection against vaccine preventable diseases. Even worse, kids who receive vaccinations that have not been handled properly can get extremely ill.

Refrigerators are often required to meet vaccine storage requirements. If an extended power outage occurs, vaccines can be rendered useless, putting patients risk. In addition, it could cost the clinic thousands in wasted inventory, and mean the loss of patients, especially if they have to visit another facility to receive required treatment.
Dr. Ramon Colon, owner and pediatrician at Sun City Pediatrics, put his patients’ care first, and decided to equip his building with a Generac commercial generator.
He purchased a 100 kW Quiet Source™ natural gas generator, which provides backup power for the clinic’s essential circuits. The Quiet Source is part of Generac’s commercial product line, designed to be one of the most affordable backup power systems on the market. It’s available with advanced controls that enable 24/7/365 monitoring with a smart phone, tablet or PC, and offers quiet operation, so patients in healthcare settings aren’t disrupted should it need to operate. The smart design allows for fuel efficiency and easy installation – even in the tightest spaces.

Generac’s innovations have made natural gas generators more powerful and cost effective for business owners like Dr. Colon. Natural gas units offer extended runtimes during power outages because there is no need to refuel. These products don’t require onsite fuel storage, which eliminates fuel maintenance and spillage concerns. Special permitting is also not required. 

Dr. Colon was able to take advantage of Generac’s financing program managed through GE Capital, which enabled him to install the generator within a timely fashion, preventing the loss of critical vaccines.

“The fact that we were able to get a financial loan from GE capital made it possible and faster for us to get our unit,” Colon said. 

Learn more about Dr. Colon’s experience with Generac.

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