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The Value of Offering Design Flexibility

The Value of Offering Design Flexibility


Now that Generac provides single-engine diesel generators up to 2 MW, it’s more important than ever to remind customers of the variety of ways they can achieve the backup power capacity they need. Maybe they require a single engine generator, and if so, Generac can certainly provide it. But the benefit Generac brings is application flexibility in achieving backup power. It’s something few if any of our competitors can offer.

To help explain this concept to your customers, Generac has produced a new Power Solutions Flexibility video. In the video, you’ll see all the ways Generac can provide 2 MW of backup power. Yes, it can be a single-engine genset. But it can also be several units connected in parallel, with a variety of fuel types, enclosures, and control strategies. This flexibility brings reliability to a backup power solution, and offers customers options they won’t get from a single large genset.

We know that you understand the value of application flexibility. Watch the video, and we think you’ll agree that it’s a powerful tool for sharing with your customers and helping them understand why Generac Industrial Power solutions are the best choice in backup power.