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Generac Relaunches 800 kW to 2 MW Generators

Generac Relaunches 800 kW to 2 MW Generators


Generac is relaunching its new single-engine generators from 800 kW to 2 MW, and multi-megawatt integrated onboard paralleling systems. The units are ideal for industrial applications, such as data centers, hospitals, wastewater treatment facilities, manufacturing facilities, and entertainment complexes. Our large diesel generator power nodes currently include:

At the heart of our packaged Industrial Diesel Liquid Cooled generator set is a fuel efficient, emissions certified Mitsubishi diesel engine and a brushless alternator with a permanent magnet generator excitation system. The base generator set is fitted with a primary fuel filter and electrical gear along with features that can include battery charger, engine coolant heater, oil level monitoring, and other options. A large integral fuel tank is added along with internal mount exhaust silencer and heavy duty air cleaners.

The generators are available in open configuration or fitted into a Level 1 or Level 2 sound attenuated enclosure, which is designed and manufactured by Generac, and UL2200 certified before being shipped to a final destination. In addition to standard weather and sound attenuated enclosures, Generac offers special enclosures including:

The 800 kW to 2 MW generators operate with the Generac InteliGen NT controller, which offers expandable I/O modules and custom logic capabilities - similar to a PLC - for flexible operation. InteliGen NT also supports integrated on-generator paralleling or switchgear integration in low and medium voltage applications.

With the country’s growing need for more power, Generac saw an opportunity to expand its product offering with large, single-engine generator units and multi-megawatt paralleled systems with integrated on-board, as well as traditional switchgear paralleling. The addition of the 800 kW to 2 MW generators allows electrical contractors, engineers and end-users to select a standby power solution that is best suited for their industrial application.

  • In situations where space is an issue or with large motor loads when you only want to bring on one generator to take the load, a single large Generac kW genset will meet those needs.
  • For mission critical systems which demand no single point of failure; we provide N+1 and 2N+1 type systems were the topology provides the highest reliability and redundancy available.
  • For large projects from 3 MW to 20 MW, you can parallel fewer units to provide the needed MWs, and still reap the added benefits of redundancy and reliability.

If you have questions about our large kW generators, contact your authorized Generac Industrial Power distributor or dealer.

Watch for more new product information in upcoming editions of PowerConnect.