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Part of your patient care plan is to ensure the day to day safety of your residents. With the new Florida Administrative Code of Emergency Rules mandating nursing homes and assisted living facilities to install a backup power solution, you need a generator partner with expertise in providing a fast and affordable solution. Period.

Whether you own one facility or hundreds, contact us today or request assistance in preparing your emergency power plan to avoid fines.


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In an effort to support the requirements of the final rulings, Generac will be actively following future hearings until legislation is passed so that we can help owners and facility managers determine the best standby power solution, at the best value.

We encourage you to visit these links to stay on top of the Emergency Power Rule and any changes or dates that may impact your facility.

Emergency Power Rules

Emergency Power Rules

Stay up to date on the Emergency Power Ruling by visiting Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration website.

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Get answers to your questions in this PDF from the AHCA website.

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Generac Industrial Power is dedicated to making the jobs of Healthcare professionals involved in decisions around backup power easier than ever before.
Selecting the Best Fuel Option

Selecting the Best Fuel Option

Facility owners have several fuel options from which to choose, take the time to learn how each of these fuel sources can impact your purchase decision.

All About Selecting the Right Fuel »

Generac Industrial Power

Generac Industrial Power

Generac Industrial Power in one of North America’s largest manufacturers of power generation equipment. Specializing in customized solutions and shortened lead times.

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Selecting the Best Fuel Option

Diesel, Natural Gas, Dual-Fuel, Bi-Fuel...How Do I Choose?

Diesel generators are the established standard for power generators, however several options are emerging to address issues such as smart grids, grid reliability, and environmental regulations. Fuel prices, supply, and maintenance are key factors in lifecycle costs and reliability for power generation.

Several factors favor the use of gaseous fuels:

  • Current NFPA 110 life safety requirements still do apply, and under the current Florida ruling, 96 hours of diesel fuel is required
  • Special requirements for diesel fuel tanks differ in various Florida counties
  • Energy and environmental policies now incorporate Full Fuel Cycle analysis, bolstering gaseous fuels
  • Lifecycle costs for gaseous generating sets are improving, including power density (first cost), fuel economy and maintenance costs

While these gaseous fuel options are not viable for Critical Operations Power Systems (NFPA 70 Article 708), natural gas, dual-fuel or bi-fuel generator equipment can provide advantages in reliability and lifecycle costs for many backup power applications.

Know the Facts from the Experts in Natural Gas

Natural Gas Availability

Natural Gas Availability

Enter your zip code to contact your local natural gas utility for more on natural gas rebate amounts and availability, as well as any additional special offers that may be available.

Find Your Local Natural Gas Utility »

Natural Gas Reliability

Natural Gas Reliability

Natural gas provides nearly 100% reliable service—ensuring homes basic comforts (like hot water and home-cooking) and enabling business to stay up and running—even when the power goes out.

Learn more about Natural Gas Reliability »

American Gas Association

American Gas Association

The American Gas Association (AGA) represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean natural gas throughout the United States.

Go to the AGA homepage »

Comprehensive Guide to Natural Gas Reliability and Resilience

Comprehensive Guide to Natural Gas Reliability and Resilience

Service disruptions are rare and there is low risk of uncontrollable, cascading effects in the natural gas system.

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Natural Gas Reliability Articles

Natural gas pipelines, which transport more than one-fourth of the energy consumed in the U.S., are an essential part of the nation’s infrastructure. Transportation by pipeline is the safest form of energy delivery in the country.

The Pipeline Is Strong

The Pipeline Is Strong

There are currently more than 2.4 million miles of pipeline infrastructure in the country, and natural gas utilities are spending more than $22 billion each year to upgrade and expand service.

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The Natural Gas Underground Delivery System

The Natural Gas Underground Delivery System

The fundamental principle of the natural gas supply pipeline architecture — gathering, transmission and distribution — is gas flowing from higher to lower pressure.

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