Generac offers more than just standby power systems. Have more control over your power with energy management solutions.



Energy management plans and operates energy production and energy consumption units, allowing individuals to use energy more efficiently and more wisely. This efficient use of energy can lower utility costs and provide a more reliable power solution. 

Energy management is implemented through Demand Response (DR) programs offered by your local utility or through DR aggregators. The three main applications for this energy management include Demand Respnse, Power Grid Support, Behind the Meter Power Generation.

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Demand Response

Power Grid Support

Behind the Meter Power Generation

Cooperative and Utility Demand Response (DR) programs today typically include electric water heater, thermostat and motor lock out applications. The addition of EPA certified generation assets will quickly and substantially increase the DR portfolio while also adding program flexibility. Homeowners and businesses desire stand-by generation, offering solutions bundled with a DR option will reduce the cost to the end user while supporting the cooperative or utility. Natural gas units offer the ability to create new ancillary programs to assist with frequency regulation, black-start (where applicable) and under frequency situations. Leveraging Generac gaseous units, utilities can also balance renewable generation assets on their systems. When the wind stops blowing, Generac units can be dispatched and online in a matter of seconds for rapid grid support. Utilities can defer or eliminate the need for costly substation, transformer and feeder upgrades. By selectively targeting problem areas within the electric distribution system, Generac generation assets can relieve the overburdened infrastructure for years, and in some cases indefinitely. Generac units can be dispatched during times of localized oversubscription to correct the situation, in many cases without load shedding or voltage reduction being required.


You as the customer can directly enroll in a utility DR program or you can utilize third-party DR aggregators. DR aggregators are customers or third-party contractors, like our partner Pyxis Energy, that combine customer load and make it available for reduction or interruption, broadening your chance to save.

How Does it Work?

The DR aggregator is your customer. They pay for the necessary hardware and partner directly with Generac and Generac's Industrial Distributors for installation and preventative maintenance for the life of the project. The end customer will then become a customer of the DR aggregator for a specified term length. The DR aggregator will then use the Generac units for demand response and other energy market opportunites between 40-80 hours in a typical year.

For $0 down and a low monthly fee, the DR aggregator will install a Generac generator at the business
During ANY power outage, the alternative market power generator will protect the business…all day, every day
The DR aggregator will ensure the customer is always paying competitive energy rates with leading energy suppliers
When the electric grid is stressed, alternative market power generators are strategically activated to reduce electric load on the grid
Customers can earn rewards and rebates through voluntary utility programs without turning anything off

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