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Discover the transformative power of PDSS seminars, where practicing engineers like you can expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and stay at the forefront of the power generation industry. Our seminars are meticulously crafted to address the evolving needs of engineers, providing valuable insights, practical expertise, and industry best practices.

Key Features

Expert-led Sessions: Learn from industry-leading professionals and experienced instructors who bring real-world expertise and cutting-edge knowledge to the seminars.
Comprehensive Course Content: Dive deep into a wide range of topics, including power system design, codes and standards, reliability concepts, generator provision, and more.
Continuing Education Credits: Earn valuable continuing education credits upon successful completion of the seminars, enhancing your professional credentials and demonstrating your commitment to excellence.

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Generac offers a comprehensive range of professional development classes. The course descriptions below outline everything you will be learning from each course in our CE accredited, professional development seminar series.
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PDSS Courses Key Learnings
GPS 130 - Understanding Generator Reliability Engineer reliability into standby power systems. Understand the impact of power system architecture, equipment selection, testing, and maintenance on overall system reliability
GPS 300 - Generator Sizing (Part 1) Master the art of sizing generators for entire buildings. Learn to use historical data, comply with NEC requirements, and manage load sequencing
GPS 305 - Generator Sizing (Part 2) Delve into isolating loads on a generator, especially non-linear harmonic-producing loads and variable frequency drives. Understand their impact on generator sizing
GPS 310 - Generator Switching (Part 1) Explore automatic transfer switches (ATS) and make informed decisions on their features and configurations
GPS 315 - Generator Switching (Part 2) Compare ATS technologies, from breakers to contactors. Understand 2 vs. 3 position contactor mechanisms and the importance of in-phase vs. delay-in-neutral operation
GPS 320 - Paralleling Concepts Unlock the secrets of paralleling generators. From momentary closed transition to peaking shaving with the grid, learn the intricacies of synchronization and system sequencing
GPS 325 - Paralleling Implementations Compare switchgear and integrated paralleling implementations. Explore medium voltage solutions using low voltage paralleling and transformers
GPS 330 - Reliability Concepts Explore various reliability concepts essential for equipment evaluation and design. Understand the impact of human error and equipment aging on overall system reliability
GPS 335 - Reliability Implementation Learn how to design greater reliability into standby power systems. Covering power one-line architecture, equipment selection, testing, maintenance, and end-user training
GPS 340 - National Electrical Code® (Part 1 Dive into the NEC with a focus on generators. Explore topics like cabling, sizing, start-up, transient limitations, alarming, and instrumentation
GPS 345 - National Electrical Code® (Part 2) Scrutinize the NEC with a focus on application and integration. Cover disconnects, circuit separation, selective coordination, grounding, and more
GPS 350 - UL & NFPA Standards Introduce various UL standards impacting generators and power switching. Explore NFPA standards related to health care, life safety, and fire pumps
PDSS Courses Key Learnings
GPS 355 - NFPA 110 Explore the requirements of NFPA 110 for Emergency and Standby Power Systems. Evaluate fuel options, equipment placement, and commissioning requirements
GPS 360 - Generator Provisioning Explore engine-generator configurations and optional items. Discuss code-compliant options, industry-standard configurations, and the need for custom-designed equipment.
GPS 365 - Generator Installation Learn good design practices for engine-generator installation based on code requirements, site needs, and application requirements. Focus on both outdoor and indoor placement.
GPS 370 - Engines Understand the operation and ratings of generator engines. Explore differences between diesel and natural gas engines, transient performance, and emission ramifications.
GPS 375 - Alternators Dive into the operation and ratings of genset alternators. Cover alternator construction, temperature rise, motor starting performance, and impact on non-linear load harmonic performance.
GPS 400 - Genset Fuel (NG vs. Diesel) Explore various aspects of generator fuel, emphasizing the growth of natural gas generators. Evaluate engine technologies, reliability, and the impact of demand response programs.
GPS 380 - Controls (Single Generator) Grasp the role of genset controls in meeting application needs. Understand control functions for engine speed, fuel inlet, emissions, monitoring, data logging, and remote communication.
GPS 385 - Controls (Parallel Generation)  Learn additional controls needed for paralleling generators. Understand synchronizing, load-sharing, protection, and sequencing functions. Consider standalone and integrated solutions
GPS 410 - Genset Natural Gas Piping Design Discuss generator gas piping design essentials for adequate gas flow. Learn guidelines for sizing the gas service, selecting pressure regulators, and minimizing pressure drops.
GPS 420 - Battery Energy Storage System Concepts Explore energy storage technology, power output vs. energy content, and utility tariff conditions. Understand financial viability and practical use cases for Battery Energy Storage Systems.
GPS 425 - Battery Energy Storage System Implementation Delve into battery technology, performance ratings, balance of plant components, and one-line diagram use cases. Understand how Battery Energy Storage Systems improve on-site distributed generation.


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Our industry-leading professionals share their insights, knowledge, and experiences to provide you with valuable perspectives on power generation, engineering challenges, and innovative solutions. Hear directly from our experts and gain a deeper understanding of how Generac's products and services can revolutionize your projects.

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"Attending PDSS seminars has been a game-changer for me as an instructor. The engaging sessions and practical exercises have allowed me to impart invaluable knowledge and empower engineers to excel in their careers. The comprehensive curriculum and interactive learning environment make PDSS seminars stand out from the rest."

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