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Corporate Giving

Generac has a long-standing history of corporate giving through donating our time and resources to support our local communities by enhancing education at all levels and offering military and veteran support. In addition, Generac supports our employees who are involved in our communities through a unique program called Generac Gives. As part of this program, employees nominate a charity, and together, Generac and the employee support the organization.

During the holidays, each of our facilities chooses a different nonprofit organization or family that would benefit from a little extra care this time of year. Most recently, Generac employees stepped up to organize giving trees, toy drives, and collections for local food pantries. Last year alone, our employees provided 696 presents to local families in need.


Generac is proud that many of our employees want to give back to their communities. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact in the community. Through our Generac Gives program we assist organizations our employees support.

The program is focused on giving back to community organizations with priorities in two distinct giving categories:

  • Enhancing education at all levels
  • Military and Veteran support

There are two program award offerings in the Generac Gives family of giving:  

  1. Generac Gives Products – We are proud of our products and offer employees an opportunity to donate a product to a nonprofit organization that aligns with our giving categories. 
  2. Generac Gives Grants – Employees can request individual grants for organizations that align with our giving categories.
Take Charge

It’s a challenge, and an invitation. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to join an industry leader in operations, supply chain logistics, human resources, customer support, engineering, information technology, finance, sales and manufacturing.

Generac career opportunities include:

  • Leadership
  • Professional
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Support
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