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Great Contractor Practices

Great Qualities of Great Contractors

Unfortunately, after a disaster, scam artists saturate the area looking for victims and hope to capitalize by taking advantage of desperate people. The good news is there are plenty of green lights to look for when choosing the right contractor for you.

Here are a few reassuring practices of great contractors:

•    In-state contractors are the most reliable
•    Will ask you to sign all documents to ensure their reliability
•    Provide licenses and insurance
•    Won’t cold call you
•    Will make you aware if you or the insurance company is responsible for costs
•    Provide references
•    Provide a written agreement


What about FEMA workers?

FEMA provides a list of tips that discuss how to know when you are dealing with a real FEMA worker and not an imposter.

•    Federal and state workers do not ask for, or accept money
•    FEMA employee will always show their ID badge
•    A FEMA jacket is not proof of identity
•    All  representatives will have a laminated photo ID
•    If you suspect fraud, contact FEMA Disaster Fraud Hotline at 866-759-5721


Proven Professionals at Your Fingertips

Home standby power is a great way to prevent damage to your home when disaster strikes.

We offer FREE in-home consultations with an extensive network of our approved, professional contractors to help you with your backup power needs.