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Portable Generator Solution Myths Debunked

Portable Generator Internet “Solutions” Busted

You may find portable generator “solutions” on the internet to run during a storm, or when the ground is still saturated with water. Our experts at Generac have found the most common “solutions” and exposed the myths.

Myth: Place the generator on planks of wood if the ground is wet.
Even if the wood does not become saturated with water, there is a risk of electrocution when the wires run across the ground.

Myth: Use a kid’s tent or make a box to keep the generator dry from rain.
Plugs and the interface need to be dry to avoid electrocution. However, most tent and enclosure “solutions” do not factor in the airflow needs for a generator – airflow helps keep the generator cool so the engine can continue to run properly. Additionally, without enough airflow, there may be a buildup of carbon monoxide.

Myth: If it’s windy or wet in the yard, just put the generator a little closer to the house on the patio or porch. Just keep nearby windows and doors shut over there.
Generac and PGMA do not recommend putting your portable generator within five feet of any living space, including a porch or patio. Carbon monoxide can seep through the windows and doors, even if they’re shut.

Myth: Any extension cord will work
Indoor extension cords are not made for outdoors – they do not repel moisture. Using an indoor cord outside could result in electrocution.

If you have a question about a DIY “solution” you saw online, call customer service to see if it’s recommended: 1 (888) 436-3722

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