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Standby Power for Auto Repair Shops

Car Owners are Counting on Automotive Repair

If you own an auto repair shop, many people rely on you to fix minor or major car repairs and keep them on the road. People need their cars to get to work, get errands done, pick their kids up from school, and more. When cars break down, people come to you to uncover the cause of the problem and fix it. Cars require maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotation, and brake pad replacement. Repair shops can lose thousands of dollars when they don't have the power to assist their customers.

What Happens When Automotive Repair Shops Lose Power

When an automotive repair shop loses power, mechanics cannot perform repairs. Any customers with cars in the shop will experience a delay in the turnaround time of their repairs. No new customers can come in, and employees are inconvenienced with having to play “catch up” when power is restored. With a business standby generator from Generac, your auto repair shop will operate as usual and car owners can receive the best service possible—even in a power outage.

Benefits of Backup Power for Automotive Repair Shops

You are protecting expensive equipment such as diagnostic machines, lifts, emissions test machines, welders, and more. With a Generac business standby generator, you will protect your assets, including equipment and tools. You need to protect your customers’ assets, too—their vehicles. If you remain open during a power outage, customers will know they can count on your service any time they need their car fixed. You’ll have complete business continuity.

Products for Every Business - Including Auto Repair Shops

Generac understands that every business is different. We have products that will work well for auto repair shops. While garage sizes differ, we have a generator product to meet your needs. We have distributors around the country and industry experts to help you find the right size, kilowatt power, and installation location.

Get the Backup Power Your Auto Repair Shop Needs

If you own an automotive repair shop and don’t have a backup generator, you are taking a huge risk with your equipment. Don’t let a power outage hurt your bottom line. Get the business generator you need for your auto repair shop today!