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SGIP Resources


SGIP Application Processing for Certified Installers

California’s Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) offers incredible financial incentives to solar + storage system owners that help savvy installers win jobs. But, applying for SGIP benefits on your own is not easy.

Generac is proud to offer our California installers deep discounts on services that make SGIP applications easy. These services are presented in partnership with Energy Outlet. This low-cost program allows you to outsource end-to-end management of your rebate paperwork to industry experts, expediting process time and maximizing payback.

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PWRcell Installers pay a discounted flat fee

Certified PWRcell installers pay an exclusive flat-rate fee on each SGIP application


Residential SGIP Application


Equity Resiliency SGIP Application

How much can I get from SGIP?

Earn up to $16,500 in SGIP rebates with a single battery and 7.6kW inverter. Larger systems may be eligible for larger rebates.
  SGIP Small Storage Equity Resiliency
PWRcell 9 $ 1,504 $ 8,251
PWRcell 12 $ 1,969 $11,001
PWRcell 15 $ 2,493 $13,751
PWRcell 17 $ 2,991 $16,502

How it Works:

Energy Outlet assumes the role of applicant for your application. They will review paperwork, advise on corrections, submit your application, manage communication with the utility, and complete application tasks until your rebate is paid. Use the Energy Outlet project checklist as a guide.

1. Create an account

Create an account at

2. Start an Application

Use your Generac Account ID number for the discount.

3. Send Project Materials

Send utility bill, proposal, W9, etc. to Energy Outlet.

Let the experts handle the rest!

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