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PWRcell Full System Overview

PWRcell Full System Overview

The Generac energy storage ecosystem features the first fully integrated solar and storage solution so that you can manage your home's energy with ease. Scroll through to learn more about the ecosystem.

PWRCell Inverter + PWRCell Battery

  • Powerful: Up to 12kW surge capacity with 50A of appliance-running power
  • Sufficient: The ability to self-supply for 100% solar power
  • Time of Use: Optimize energy consumption in accordance with time of use rates

PWRVIew Home App

  • Convenient: Detailed dashboards for consumption, solar generation, and battery usage
  • Intelligent: Offers bill forecasting and insights
  • Comprehensive: Historical energy data

SnapRS 802

  • Robust: No extra moving parts or software
  • 100% compliant: Meets National Electrical Code 2017 and 2020 requirements
  • Hassle-Free: Plug and play installation is quick and tool-free​

PVLink Optimizer

  • Simple: Utilized to connect 2x9 solar PV modules
  • Efficient: 99% efficient transmission of clean solar power
  • Safe: Rapid shutdown compliant with ground fault protection

Reliable, Dependable
Solar-Powered Outage Protection

Generac is dedicated to providing people with innovative and forward-thinking solutions to power their homes and businesses. In our mission of expanding options for energy storage, Generac now offers clean energy storage solutions. With the integration of solar energy storage systems we now offer the ability to reduce energy costs and minimize grid disruptions.