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Clean Energy

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Integrated Clean Energy System


PWRcell isn’t just a powerful battery, but it’s also the most flexible and scalable home energy system on the market. With a range of supplementary products and features, PWRcell can be configured to meet just about any budget or lifestyle so you get a solution tailored to your unique needs.



With the largest residential battery capacity, PWRcell has the ability to provide backup power to the whole home during an outage. Generac has also introduced the PWRmanager advanced load management device and integration with Generac home standby generators to further strengthen PWRcell’s whole-home capabilities.
PWRmanager’s intelligent technology extends backup duration by automatically prioritizes what loads get power during an outage based on rules the homeowner sets in the PWRview app. And integrating a Generac generator provides the ultimate peace of mind that you’ll always have power when you need it most.



PWRCell Inverter + PWRCell Battery

  • Powerful: Up to 12kW surge capacity with 50A of appliance-running power
  • Sufficient: The ability to self-supply for 100% solar power
  • Time of Use: Optimize energy consumption in accordance with time of use rates

PWRVIew Home App

  • Convenient: Detailed dashboards for consumption, solar generation, and battery usage
  • Intelligent: Offers bill forecasting and insights
  • Comprehensive: Historical energy data

SnapRS 802

  • Robust: No extra moving parts or software
  • 100% compliant: Meets National Electrical Code 2017 and 2020 requirements
  • Hassle-Free: Plug and play installation is quick and tool-free​

PVLink Optimizer

  • Simple: Utilized to connect 2x9 solar PV modules
  • Efficient: 99% efficient transmission of clean solar power
  • Safe: Rapid shutdown compliant with ground fault protection