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Clean Energy for Your Home

Cleaner, Smarter Energy for Your Home

With rising energy costs and environmental threats looming over your head, it may seem like there's no relief in sight. What you need is a solution that will help you save money, help keep your home safe and reduce your carbon footprint. Introducing Generac's PWRcell - a battery storage system that harnesses power from the sun to help reduce your electric bill and provide backup power during utility power outages.

PWRcell's revolutionary technology captures and stores electricity - either from solar panels, or the electrical grid. It allows you to use stored energy during peak demand times when electricity costs are high, which ultimately helps reduce your electric bill and save some money. In the case of a power outage, PWRcell is ready to supply backup power to your home.

Not yet convinced? PWRcell is backed by a 10-year limited warranty!

Savings and Benefits

Unlock Your Solar Panels' Potential With Battery Storage

Make the most of your new or existing solar array with a PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage system that gives you the ability to save solar energy for later, whether that’s during an outage or when grid energy peak prices are in effect.

With battery storage, you can make your power work in your favor. Check out this story from CNET’s Brian Cooley.

Additional Benefits

Ready to learn more about how the PWRcell Energy Storage System can save you money on your monthly electric bill AND help protect you and your family in the event of power outages?  Request your free, no-obligation quote today.  Incentives may be available in your area!

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