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Clean Energy for Your Home

Introducing PWRview Home Energy Monitoring System

The Generac PWRcell is a revolutionary, fully integrated solar + battery storage system that can help homeowners maximize their solar investment and prepare for power outages. Now PWRcell owners can also download PWRview, an intuitive home energy monitoring app that allows you to remotely monitor your home's energy use and unlock insights that can help significantly lower monthly energy bills.

The PWRview app also includes Outage Guard, a system feature that will make sure you’re prepared before the next storm hits. Outage Guard monitors weather forecasts nationwide and prompts your PWRcell system to automatically charge its battery to full capacity before a storm hits in your area, ensuring you have power when you need it. Once the storm and the threat of a power outage subsides, your PWRcell system will automatically revert to its original mode. That means if your PWRcell system was on a TOU schedule, it will go back to saving you money. To take advantage of Outage Guard simply enable the feature on the setting page of your PWRview app, there’s nothing to install and no complex set up needed.

*Outage Guard is available in the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Puerto Rico (provided the address is listed as US) and Canada.

PWRview Benefits

View Real-Time Energy Usages
Get real-time understanding of your energy use, giving you an improved experience.

Better Understand Your Home's Energy Profile
Multiple layers of data provide deep insights to inform decisions and to detect and explore trends.

Access Daily Energy Intelligence and Insights from your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
View dashboards for daily consumption, solar generation and battery usage along with bill estimates and savings.

Eliminate Surprises
Keep energy spending in check with detailed bill tracking, forecast and history.