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Just Ask Alexa

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"Alexa, ask Mobile Link if I'm ready for a power outage"

We all know the feeling - you’re sitting in the comfort of your home and see storm clouds roll in. You immediately wonder if your family is protected from a power outage. In the past you might have thrown on a coat, walked outside and checked to see if your generator status light is green. Now you can leave your coat on the rack because the new Mobile Link skill for Alexa now makes checking your generator status even easier.

Simply connect your generator to Wi-Fi, enable the Mobile Link skill, link your account in the Alexa app, and say, “Alexa, ask Mobile Link if I’m ready for a power outage.”

How to Enable the Mobile Link Alexa Skill

Getting started checking your generator status with your Amazon Alexa device, is easy! You must first have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your smart phone and a Mobile Link account in order to complete the following steps:

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and sign in to your Amazon account

Navigate to the skills section and enter “Mobile Link” in the Alexa skills search box

Enable the Mobile Link skill, and you will be taken to the Mobile Link website to sign in to your account

Once signed in, your account has been linked and you may now ask Alexa about your generator status

Be In The Know About Your Generator Status

Once you have added the Mobile Link skill, you can get detailed information about your generator’s status. Alexa will respond with a brief description of the generator’s current state, whether it is ready to run, in warning, in fault, or not connected.

Connect Your Generator to Wi-Fi

Each Generac home standby generator is equipped with onboard Wi-Fi enabling you to connect it to your home's router. Your generator must be connected to the internet in order to communicate with Mobile Link or Alexa.

Download the Mobile Link app

Connect your generator to your router

Start monitoring your generator!

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