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Portable Generator for House Power

When the power goes out, Generac portable generators can power important items in your house. This includes refrigerators and freezers, sump pumps, lights, air conditioner units, and more. They’ll remain running so your lifestyle won’t be disrupted.

Portable Generator for <strong>House Power</strong>

Portable generators for your house are affordable. They can back up essential appliances for less than $1000.

Simple Operation
In an emergency, a portable generator for house use is easy to operate. All you have to do is add fuel, start the engine, and run extension cords. 

Works with a Transfer Switch
Alternatively, you can eliminate extension cords by using a transfer switch with your portable generator. This connects to your electrical panel, supporting even hard-wired appliances.

Multiple Fuel Options
Many portable generators for house use run on gasoline. However, Generac also offers units that run on LP fuel, a great, cleaner-burning alternative.

Power for Home and Recreation
A portable generator for house appliances can also be used for recreation. Use it to power tailgating, outdoor parties, and DIY projects.

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Shop Generac Portable Generators

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