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Create New or Review a Clean Energy Installation

Welcome to Generac's new Clean Energy Installation Tool. Designed especially for you, our valued partners. Easier to use than the spreadsheets, this tool will allow you to quickly and simply know what is needed to set up Generac Storage with a NEW Solar Panel system, help to convert a sale, and share the specific project information within your teams. Included is:

  • PV Link Sizing - Just input some basic information about the project location, square footage, home service type, the number of PV Modules and Make/Model being used to determine the correct # of PV Links needed, a suggested configuration, and if SnapRS is required for the project.
  • Battery Loads - Designed to support a Whole Home, single inverter solution, simply input the desired backup duration, share general information about basic appliances for the project including what they want backed up and managed. This section can be customized to each individual project by adding appliances specific to the homeowner and adjusting the specs for the appliances they have.
  • Build of Materials - This tool will produce an accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) that you can take directly to a distributor for a quote.

To get started, click on "Create a New Project" below or "Register" to be able to save the project for future access and to share with your team. It's that simple!