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Single Line Drawings, Install Manuals and Other Product Documentation

PWRcell Inverter, PWRcell Battery, PWRzone Components and PWRcell ATS transfer switch:  CLICK HERE, then select the specific product you wish to view.
Smart Management Modules:

For resources and documentation on Pika-branded products please go to the bottom section of this page.

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Whole Home Backup Design

Do more backup with less battery. Better than load-shedding, PWRcell load management simply pauses large loads like hot-water heaters and HVAC when the essentials need more power. 

The sizing guide worksheet will walk you through managing loads with Smart Management Modules. 

Whole Home BU Sizing Guide


Spec Sheets:
Smart Management Modules
Installation Manuals:
Smart Management Module 100A
Smart Management Module 50A
Single Line Drawings:
PWRcell with PWRcell ATS + 4 SMM
PWRcell with PWRcell ATS w/ SMM controlled sub panel

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Installation Checklists, System Design and Sizing Tools

Generac has created a set of tools to assist the installer in properly installing and sizing a PWRcell backup storage solution.  These tools are fundamental to effective system design and estimation.

PWRcell Pre-Installation Checklist
This checklist will help you prepare for and perform a proper installation.

PWRcell Post-Installation Checklist

PWRcell Sizing Worksheet
Use this tool to:
1.  Quickly estimate a PWRcell System size during a homeowner consultation
2.  Size inverter backup loads with PWRcell battery storage 

PV Link™ String Sizing Worksheet
Use this tool to determine the number of PV modules that can be connected to a Generac PV Link™ Optimizer.


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See how the battery rating will impact the design of the backed up loads.

This example sheet will walk you through how to use the worksheets.
PWRcell Example Worksheet Breakout

Select the applicable loads worksheet for your design.
PWRcell 9 Protected Loads Worksheet

PWRcell 12 Protected Loads Worksheet

PWRcell 15 Protected Loads Worksheet

PWRcell 17 Protected Loads Worksheet

NOTE: It is important to consider the continuous power rating of the battery.  In the event of an outage, the battery is the only source to support the system and loads.


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‚ÄčThis document is intended to assist Generac customers when applying NEC Section 690.12 PV system rapid shutdown requirements to PV systems using Generac Clean Energy products.

PWRcell Systems and PV Rapid Shutdown


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PWRcell Training

Energy Storage Systems Class teaches and certifies the sales individual how to provide cost/value analysis, homeowners resilience and fast solar payback. In addition, it teaches the technician about installation best practices, current/future codes, local state requirements and provides them the ability to perform warranty work on the Energy Storage Solution systems if they are assigned to an appropriate service dealer. 

This class is approximately 8 hours.  3 hours sales and sizing, 5 hours – code and installation.

Installers who successfully compete this course will gain an ESS certification ID and up to 5 NABCEP CE credits from Generac.

Register for the PWRcell Training Class

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Setup guide for Time of Use (TOU) for your region and utility
How to configure your inverter for TOU from a given set of TOU codes

PWRcell TOU Guide


SGIP Resources

SGIP Installer Guide

PWRcell SGIP Kit simplifies the application process. It includes:
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Download the complete Harbor Smart Battery pre-installation checklist here.


Product Manuals and Datasheets

Find manuals and datasheets for Pika's products below.

Product Name Model Numbers Product Manuals Product Datasheets
Pika Islanding Inverter™

X7602 (SN below X7602-1164)

X11402 (SN below X11402-2057)

Islanding Inverter™ Installation Manual

Islanding Inverter™ Operation Manual

Islanding Inverter Datasheet
Pika Islanding Inverter™

X7602 (SN above X7602-1164)

X11402 (SN above X11402-2057)

Islanding Inverter™ Installation Manual

Islanding Inverter™ Operation Manual

Islanding Inverter Datasheet
Coral™ Smart Battery SB288 Coral SB14A™ Installation Manual Coral Smart Battery Datasheet
Harbor™ Smart Battery HSBK (Harbor: 3, 4, 5, 6) Harbor Smart Battery Installation Manual
Harbor Smart Battery Operation Manual
Harbor Smart Battery Datasheet
PV Link™ S2501 PV Link™ Installation Manual
PV Link™ String Size Calculator (paper)
S2501 PV Link Datasheet
REbus Beacon™ NA REbus Beacon Installation Manual
REbus Beacon Operation Manual
Wind-solar Inverter X3001 X3001 Inverter Operation Manual X3001 Datasheet
Home Wind Turbine T701 T701 Turbine Manual T701 Datasheet

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Pika Energy Island Accessory Kit Datasheets

These kits expand the functionality of the already powerful Pika Energy Island.

Product Name Model Numbers Product Manuals Product Datasheets
Pika ATS Kit


Enables whole-home backup with an external automatic transfer switch.

ATS Kit Datasheet
Pika CT Kit


Enables self-supply modes and the tracking of utility consumption.

CT Kit Datasheet

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Pika Energy Technical Resources

Library of Pika product technical resources.

Category Downloads Notes
System Design

Energy Island Sizing Tool

An .XLSX document for system planning. Configure PV Link strings based on module specifications and plan battery size requirement based on load calculations.
REbus Beacon

TOU Program Guide

Installer Configuration Tool Guide: REbus Beacon

Installer Configuration Tool Guide: Overview of Beacon function for system configuration, warranty activatiion and grid compliance.

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