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Generac Portal Directory


Directory of Installer Portals for Generac PWRpartners
This directory will help you navigate Generac portals to be a successful PWRpartner. 

Dealer Connection
Duties: Access account information, account updates, and for PowerPlay CE lead management: 
Clean Energy Inside Sales 
Phone: 855-635-5186, ext. 1861 

PowerPlay CE  
Purpose: The PowerPlay team handles all technical issues and questions about the usage of the unique web based PowerPlay CE program. This department also handles any questions involving leads from Generac via PowerPlay CE. 
Phone: (262) 544-4811 x 1861 (Next available representative) 

Marketing On Demand 
Purpose: Assist Installer, dealers, and distributors with marketing claims, pre and post approvals, log-in assistance for SproutLoud / webpage. General Co-Op Marketing Information. 
Contact your Market Development Manager or Territory Development Manager 

Purpose: System registration and PWRcell fleet management. 
Phone: 1 888 922-8482 

Purpose: File and manage warranty claims, order service and replacement parts and access product bulletins.
Clean Energy Inside Sales 
Phone: 855-635-5186, ext. 1861 

PWRview App (HEMs and PWRcell) 
Purpose: Consumer app to view solar production, solar storage and energy consumption habits. 

     Self help: 

Learning Management System (LMS) 
Purpose: Learning center to help installers, dealers and customers improve their technical knowledge and skills 
Phone: 262-544-4811 x4172 

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Clean Energy FAQs

  • Can PWRcell battery be used with other mainstream inverters such as Solar Edge, Delta, or Enphase?

    No, the PWRcell battery is designed to work only with the Generac PWRcell Inverter. This ensures the best customer experience.

  • Can the PWRcell Battery Storage System integrate with a generator?

    The PWRcell system cannot directly couple to a generator at this time.

  • Can multiple inverters be installed in one system?

    Yes, PWRcell systems can be installed in a multi inverter configuration.  The design must adhere to Generac approved single line diagrams.

  • Can I use the PWRcell Battery Storage System if I already have a solar power system installed?

    At this time, the PWRcell Battery Storage System cannot accommodate AC-coupled retrofits to existing solar power systems.

  • Can optimizers from another manufacturer be used with the PWRcell Inverter?

    The PV Link is required if the customer wants to install solar with the system. The proprietary protocol that improves performance and efficiency of the system requires that only PV Link substring optimizers be used with the PWRcell inverter and battery products.

  • Where can I purchase PWRcell Solar + Storage System products?

    Products are available through authorized distributors. Contact your inside sales representative for more information: 1-888-GENERAC Ext 1861

  • What marketing is Generac offering in my area to promote the PWRcell?

    Generac has a nationwide marketing communications plan that includes TV, digital, print, public relations and direct mail.
  • How can I sign up for the new PowerPlay CE?

    If you are an aligned dealer, you can purchase the PowerPlay CE tool from your Dealer Connection account. If you are not yet an aligned dealer, you can sign up for training to get started.

  • What is PowerPlay CE?

    PowerPlay CE is an all-in-one sales enablement tool that combines lead management, sizing calculators, diagrams, proposal tools, and more to deliver a clean energy solution that's tailored to each individual customer.

  • Does Generac provide system design software?

    Generac provides solar and storage sizing/design software as part of the Generac PowerPlay CE tool.  Additionally, Generac provides PWRcell system design worksheets online and through the Inside Sales Team.

  • Does the PWRcell Battery Storage System qualify for the federal investment tax credit (ITC)?

    Yes, but specific rules apply. Visit for a list of requirements.

  • What financing options are available for purchasing the PWRcell system?

    Generac works with 3rd party finance partners for the PWRcell Solar + Storage System.  Please contact Inside Sales for more details:  1-888-GENERAC Ext 1861.

  • Can I purchase an extended warranty for my PWRcell Battery Storage System?

    Generac does not offer an extended warranty option at this time.

  • What's the average lifespan on a PWRcell Solar + Storage System?

    There is not a time-dependent specified end of life on the PWRcell Solar + Storage System but product life will vary based on use and environmental conditions.  Rest assured though, the battery has a 10 year warranty and other components in the system carry up to 25 years.  

  • Where is the PWRcell Solar + Storage System made?

    PWRcell Solar + Storage System is designed in the USA and sourced globally from the highest quality materials. 

  • Does the PWRcell battery have any specific safety requirements for installation?

    Please refer to local codes and requirements. NFPA 855 and the NEC may help to provide guidance.

  • What is the recommended maintenance for the PWRcell Battery Storage System?

    Recommended maintenance includes cleaning the intake filters on the battery cabinet and inverter, and inspection of system components. A full list of the recommended maintenance items and schedule is provided in the battery and inverter owner's manuals.

  • Who should we contact for installation support?

    Generac Tech Support Department:  1-855-635-5186

  • Who should we contact for tech support?

    Generac Tech Support Department:  1-855-635-5186

  • Is a transfer switch required to be installed with a PWRcell Battery Storage System?

    No, The system is designed to be installed with a critical loads panel and has an internal transfer mechanism to isolate from the utility in the event of a power outage, no external transfer switch required.

  • What is the maximum recommended PV input for the system?

    The system is capable of supporting 15kW of PV, however this is dependent on site specific applications, please contact support for guidance.

  • Does the system support PV operation when the grid is offline?

    Yes, if a PWRcell battery is installed and the system configured correctly this is dependent on site specific applications, please contact support for guidance.

  • Can the PWRcell Battery Storage System expand beyond the single 17.1 kWh battery cabinet?

    Yes, the system is currently capable of parallelling up to 2 battery cabinets for a total usable capacity of 34.2kWh of energy.

  • Does Generac provide training and certifications for the installation of the PWRcell Battery Storage System?

    Yes, Generac will provide training and certification related to the Generac CE portfolio of products. Solar certification not included.

  • Do I need to be trained to install PWRcell Solar + Storage systems?

    Attending our service training class, certifies dealers for service and installation of our PWRcell products.  Certification gives you access to design tools, leads and technical support.

  • I'm interested in getting trained, where can I find training dates and get signed up?

    Visit for more information on available training and registration.

Clean Energy Warranty Diagram



Download the complete Harbor Smart Battery pre-installation checklist here.

Product Manuals and Datasheets


Find manuals and datasheets for Pika's products below.

Product Name Model Numbers Product Manuals Product Datasheets
Pika Islanding Inverter™

X7602 (SN below X7602-1164)

X11402 (SN below X11402-2057)

Islanding Inverter™ Installation Manual

Islanding Inverter™ Operation Manual

Islanding Inverter Datasheet
Pika Islanding Inverter™

X7602 (SN above X7602-1164)

X11402 (SN above X11402-2057)

Islanding Inverter™ Installation Manual

Islanding Inverter™ Operation Manual

Islanding Inverter Datasheet
Coral™ Smart Battery SB288 Coral SB14A™ Installation Manual Coral Smart Battery Datasheet
Harbor™ Smart Battery HSBK (Harbor: 3, 4, 5, 6) Harbor Smart Battery Installation Manual
Harbor Smart Battery Operation Manual
Harbor Smart Battery Datasheet
PV Link™ S2501 PV Link™ Installation Manual
PV Link™ String Size Calculator (paper)
S2501 PV Link Datasheet
REbus Beacon™ NA REbus Beacon Installation Manual
REbus Beacon Operation Manual
Wind-solar Inverter X3001 X3001 Inverter Operation Manual X3001 Datasheet
Home Wind Turbine T701 T701 Turbine Manual T701 Datasheet

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Pika Energy Technical Resources


Library of Pika product technical resources.

Category Downloads Notes
System Design

Energy Island Sizing Tool

An .XLSX document for system planning. Configure PV Link strings based on module specifications and plan battery size requirement based on load calculations.
REbus Beacon

TOU Program Guide

Installer Configuration Tool Guide: REbus Beacon

Installer Configuration Tool Guide: Overview of Beacon function for system configuration, warranty activatiion and grid compliance.

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Pika Energy Island Accessory Kit Datasheets


These kits expand the functionality of the already powerful Pika Energy Island.

Product Name Model Numbers Product Manuals Product Datasheets
Pika ATS Kit


Enables whole-home backup with an external automatic transfer switch.

ATS Kit Datasheet
Pika CT Kit


Enables self-supply modes and the tracking of utility consumption.

CT Kit Datasheet

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