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Upcoming and reoccurring webinars and classes

Introduction to PWRcell
Tuesdays | 11:00AM - 12:00PM CDT

If you're in the solar industry, you're probably looking for the best solar + storage solution for your customers. Research shows that upwards of 70% of new solar buyers are interested in storage, and that the number of customers adding batteries is growing every day.

Register for one of our introductory webinars and let the Generac team teach you what our solution has to offer and how it's the best in the market.

We have this sesion running on Tuesdays from 11:00am-12:00pm CDT.  The session will last approximately 30 minutes with time for Q&A after. We'll see you there!

PWRcell Sales and Installation Class

Energy Storage Systems Class teaches and certifies the sales individual how to provide cost/value analysis, homeowners resilience and fast solar payback. In addition, it teaches the technician about installation best practices, current/future codes, local state requirements and provides them the ability to perform warranty work on the Energy Storage Solution systems if they are assigned to an appropriate service dealer. 

This class is approximately 8 hours.  3 hours sales and sizing, 5 hours – code and installation.  
Installers who successfully compete this course will gain an ESS certification ID and up to 5 NABCEP CE credits from Generac. Please note: you must cancel 48 hours in advance for a full refund.

On Demand and Past Webinars



As PV optimization continues to evolve—first from string inverters, followed by DC optimizers and micro-inverters—MLPEs are now making way for smarter, more efficient technology. PWRzone from Generac is part of the next generation of sub-array optimizers that deliver the right balance of simplicity, performance and cost.

In this webinar, market and technology leaders from Generac explore and dispel the longstanding myths of MLPEs while unveiling the innovative approach that PWRzone brings to PV installations. Join the live session for a deep dive on:
• The state and evolution of PV optimization
• Subarray vs MLPE technology explained
• An introduction to PWRzone

Introducing PWRcell


More than ever, homeowners are recognizing the benefits of connecting storage to solar for energy security and cost savings.  In areas experiencing outages, solar energy storage is proving to be a powerful backup solution. Yet managing increased customer demand while delivering a seamless experience continues to be a challenge.

Join Generac Clean Energy as we unveil the new PWRcell system live. We’ll explore how this end-to-end solution combines proven marketing strategies and a powerful product to streamline the entire installer journey—from sales lead to commissioning, to delivering system value and customer engagement.

Key takeaways:
• An overview of the industry’s first fully-integrated roof-to-battery solution
• Ways to navigate the real-world challenges of solar + storage installation
• Strategies and actionable steps for accelerating sales and building business

PWRcell Sizing and Design

This technical webinar is focused on properly sizing Generac PWRcell solar + storage systems. We will examine how to calculate PV sub-string size, backup loads, and proper battery sizes to ensure you select the appropriate equipment.


Tools and Tips for Selling Solar in a Virtual World

In this 1-hour webinar, sales and technology leaders from Generac explore tools and best practices to help you thrive in this uncertainty. Learn how to optimize your virtual appointments and employ effective remote sales tactics. We’ll also discuss how to best utilize our PowerPlayCE tool so that you can sell more, regardless of where you’re working.

You can expect to leave this session with:
• Engaging sales tactics that don’t require in-person interactions
• Actionable advice for running your appointment virtually
• Tools and platforms to streamline solar and storage sales
• Checklists to set you up for success

Leveraging SGIP’s New Incentives to Drive Installations

Learn all about SGIP and how to communicate this program to homeowners when you sign up for this webinar.

Expect to come away from this session with a practical pathway to:
• What you need to know about SGIP’s program updates​
• Selling solar + storage to newly qualified customers
• Getting application-to-funding support on rebate processing
• Taking advantage of Generac’s exclusive homeowner offers

PWRcell and PWRfleet: Combining the Ease of Solar + Storage with Fleet Management


Who should attend this webinar?
• Solar professionals/installers
• Installers new to Generac’s PWRcell system

In this one-hour session, we’ll share an overview of industry’s only integrated solar and storage system and demo how the PWRfleet platform’s intuitive features further help to streamline operations, make troubleshooting seamless and reduce O&M costs.

Leave the session with an understanding of how PWRcell combines with PWRfleet to help you:
• Make storage more accessible through the scalable PWRcell system
• Deliver value and insights packaged in a superior consumer experience
• Seamlessly manage and monitor installs with fleet visualization
• Highlight the metrics that matter to you in PWRfleet’s customizable dashboards

PWRcell: Whole Home Power. Clean and Simple.

Since the beginning, solar technology has promised to provide us with cost savings and energy security. However, as utilities change rate structures and large-scale outages become more prevalent, even the top solar-tech brands have failed to make good on the promise of clean backup power. Only Generac is poised to deliver on the solar promise.