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  • Are these products available in both the United States and Canada?

  • Are these products built in the United States?

  • At what point of discharge should I recharge my battery, and is operating to low state of charge necessary before recharging?

    Depth of discharge; or how much of the 100% to 0% State of Charge (SOC) is used does affect the battery capacity. Operating your battery to 0% before recharging will reduce the battery capacity more than recharging at a higher SOC%. Your battery can be recharged at any level of SOC%.
  • Can I use the GB1000/GB2000 outside?

    Yes, both models are rated for temporary outdoor use.  Note: The power stations should NOT be exposed to rain or moisture.
  • Can the GB1000/GB2000 be discharged at the same time it is charging?

    Yes, both models can be simultaneously charged and discharged.  Note: Pass-through charging can reduce battery life.
  • How do I estimate the operating time for a device?

    Estimated operating time (hrs) = Capacity (Wh) * 0.8 / Device Load (W)
  • How do I silence the beeping sound when pressing buttons?

    Hold the DISPLAY button for five (5) seconds.
  • How do you recharge the unit?

    AC or DC charging is available, and methods can be combined for faster charging. The unit comes with an AC charging cord, 12V DC car adapter and universal solar panel adaptor cord.
  • How does the paralleling between the power bank and portable inverter work?

    You can link the portable power stations with Generac inverters up to 2500 watts with the available Generac 30A Parallel kit. This will allow you to increase the total available output watts by combining both units.
  • How long does it take for the portables generator(s) to recharge to 100%?

    The GB1000 takes 2.1 hours and the GB2000 takes 3.3 hours to reach 80% charge from the included AC charging cord.
  • How much faster can you charge with the charge enhancers?

    The 200W charge enhancer can be used with both the GB1000 and GB2000 and delivers up to 25% faster charging. The 450W charge enhancer is designed for use with the GB2000 and delivers up to 50% faster charging.
  • What are our options to sell the solar recharging units?

    Generac offers a 100W solar panel available as an accessory. Up to four solar panels can be used together.
  • What other accessories are available for the GB1000 and GB20000?

    We have a 200W and 450W charge enhancer, 100W solar panel, and parallel kit available.
  • Why does the power station show power output when I don’t have anything plugged in?

    The power station uses power for the display, fans, inverter, etc.  Power usage is shown on the LCD display for user awareness.
  • Will marketing material be available in French?

    Yes, the spec sheet and technical documents are available in English, Spanish, and French. Please visit to find these documents.
  • Will there be minimum ordering requirements for dealers? If so, will there be price breaks based on volume?

    No minimum order requirement