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Enbala/Southern California Edison Power Flex Program

Participate in the Generac Virtual Power Plant Pilot Program and Earn $500!*

Hurry - this program is only open to the first 100 respondents!

As a Generac Home Standby Generator owner, you are eligible to earn $500* for participating in Generac’s Virtual Power Plant Pilot Program. Signing up is easy, and by participating, you will be helping your community create a more reliable and resilient electric grid.
Here’s How It Works:

Your electric utility will notify Generac when electrical demand is high.

Generac will remotely disconnect your electrical service from the grid, and turn on your generator, which will begin powering your home.

By using your generator, your home stays powered and the grid can continue to deliver electricity to homes, schools, healthcare facilities and other businesses that aren’t equipped with back-up power or on-site generation.

If you have a managed system, please contact your dealer before enrolling.

This opportunity is only open to the first 100 Generac home standby generator customers. Don’t miss your opportunity to earn $500*!


Questions? Please call 1-888-511-6195

Receive $500 by Using Your Generac Home Standby Generator to Help Create a More Reliable Grid in Texas

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Get Rewarded!
Just for signing up, you'll receive a $250 eGift card, and another $250 eGift card when you complete the annual program.

Help to Create a More Reliable Grid
When electrical demand is high, your Generac Home Standby Generator will power your home, helping your electric utility stabilize the grid and prevent power outages.

Contribute to a Resilient Community
Be part of a community program that helps keep the lights on for you and your neighbors during major events, while supporting the reliability of your local electrical grid.

Easy to Participate
This program is administered by Generac. Once you sign up and enrollment is verified and approved, we will take care of the rest. You can opt-out at any time.

*The $500 reward will disbursed as a two eGift card payments - $250 upon sign-up and $250 following completion of the program.

Get rewarded!


Questions? Please call 1-888-511-6195

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information, Eligibility, and Enrollment

Why is Generac launching this program?
The extreme weather events in Texas emphasized the critical importance of having electricity in your home. As the market leader in backup power generation, Generac’s customers have the opportunity to gain additional value, by getting rewarded for using back up generation to support the resiliency of the grid, at critical times. The Generac Virtual Power Plant Pilot Program helps keep the lights on for all Texas electric customers by reducing load on the grid and providing the capacity the electricity operator, ERCOT, needs during emergency situations.

How long does the program last for?
The program will last from the time of your enrollment through September 2022. If the program is successful, Generac may choose to extend the program, at which point we may offer you an option to continue to participate for additional incentives.

Will it cost me anything to participate in this program?
Since we will be running your home backup generator during Energy Events for up to 25 hours during the program, you will see additional propane or natural gas costs on your energy bill. But by participating in the program, Generac is rewarding you with $250 in the form of an eGift card following your successful enrollment into the program, and an additional $250 in the form of an egift card at the end of the program. These incentives should cover the additional costs for natural gas or propane, while also providing you with extra cash!

Will I notice any changes to my energy use during an Energy Event?
Immediately prior to an Energy Event, we will turn on your home backup generator. Once we confirm that the generator is working, we will disconnect you from the power grid and your home backup generator will be powering your home. This transition will take place automatically in milliseconds, and you should not notice any changes to your home energy use.

If your home backup generator was installed with relays that turn off the largest electricity demands during the startup of your generator, you may notice a period where your air conditioner, dryer, or electric vehicle charger, for example, turns off momentarily (e.g., for 5 minutes), until the generator can ensure that it will meet all electricity demands. If this occurs, you may notice a power interruption to these large electrical loads during the Energy Event. This is unlikely to occur for customers with the 22 kW Guardian; however, variations can occur depending on your home’s energy uses and the installation procedures used.

Who can participate in the program?
The program is available to customers that meet the following conditions:

  • Live in Texas in an area served by Electric Reliability Council of Texas (see ERCOT map here).
  • Receive retail electricity service from a Retail Electric Provider—customers receiving electric service from a municipal utility or cooperative are not eligible currently.
  • Have an installed or soon to be installed Generac Guardian Home Backup Generator (16kW and up, air cooled only).
  • Connect your Home Backup Generator through Mobile Link.
  • You have not applied or received status as a Chronic Care, Critical Care, or Critical Load designation from your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider.
  • You do not operate critical life support equipment at the participating address.

How will my data be used?
To confirm you are eligible for the program and to operate the program, we need to gather data including your name, address, e-mail address, and retail electric provider. This data will be shared with Generac affiliates and subcontractors for purposes of implementing the program and with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and your Retail Electric Provider. ERCOT operates the electricity market of Texas and uses this data to verify that the program is working properly to help support the power grid. Your data will be protected and will never be sold to other parties. You can read more about how we protect your data in Generac’s privacy policy.

After I enroll, do I need to do anything to participate?
Once we confirm over email that you are enrolled in the program, you do not need to take any action for the rest of the program. We will remotely set-up your home backup generator and manage it during an Energy Event.

Participation in Energy Events

What is an energy event?
An Energy Event is a period where there is very high energy use in Texas, extremely high wholesale electricity prices, or there has been loss of energy supply from power plants, and we can reduce the energy demand of our customers by turning on their backup home generators to help the electricity system maintain reliability. An Energy Event is called directly by Electric Reliability Council of Texas or is initiated by Generac in response to very high electricity prices in the Texas electricity market that is run by ERCOT.

When do Energy Events typically occur?
An Energy Event may occur during any hour of the day. However, Energy Events occur most often in the late afternoon and early evening.

How long will an Energy Event last for?
A typical Energy Event lasts for 1-2 hours. However, an Energy Event may be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 4 hours.

How will I know if an event is occurring?
We will email you before an event begins.

Can I opt-out of participating in an event?
Yes, you can opt-out of an event at any time before or during the event. There will be no penalty for opting out of an event.

How do I opt-out of participating in an event?
You can opt-out of an event by replying to the notification email that you receive directly before an Energy Event.


How will I be rewarded for participation?
You will receive an enrollment incentive of $250 for joining the program. In addition, if you participate for the full year of the program, you will receive another incentive of $250. All incentives will be paid in the form of an electronic gift card.

How many Energy Events will occur during the program?
There will be up to 25 energy events during the program, lasting for a total of 50 hours or less.

When will I receive my incentive?
You will receive your first incentive, a thank you for signing up, within 60 days after we confirm your enrollment in the program. For participation in the duration of the program (up until September 2022), you will receive a $250 incentive at the end of the program, in October 2022. All incentives will be paid in the form of an electronic gift card.

When your incentive is issued, it will be sent directly to the email address you provided during enrollment.


How do I unenroll?
You can unenroll from the program by clicking HERE or calling 1-888-511-6195.

Are there any penalties for unenrolling?
There are no penalties for unenrolling from the program. However if you unenroll prior to September 2022, you will not be eligible for the additional $250 egift card. As a new service we’re providing to our Texas customers, we may send you a survey over email to understand your reason for unenrollment. Although not required, we appreciate any feedback you can provide. By understanding your experiences in the program, we can further improve what we offer to you and other customers in the future.