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WiFi Kit Installation Help

Install your WiFi Kit and Connect with Mobile Link

Congratulations on receiving your new WiFi Accessory! When installed, this device will enable you to monitor your generator with the Mobile Link app. Enclosed in the device packaging you will find easy install instructions that walk you through each step of the process. Installation is very simple and you should be able to finish it in less than ten minutes.


Installing the WiFi Accessory

You may follow the instructions located in your WiFi kit packaging, or watch the following step-by-step video.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure you do not discard the white identification tag located on your WiFi module. This will be needed later to add your generator to the Mobile Link app.

Connecting Your Generator to the Internet

Once you’ve successfully installed your Wi-Fi accessory, you must now connect your generator to your home’s Wi-Fi network. In order to complete this process you must download the Mobile Link Setup app, available in the app stores on your smartphone. Watch the following video for step by step assistance.

Adding Your Generator to Mobile Link

Once you've finished connecting your generator to your home’s WiFi you are ready to create a Mobile Link account and add your generator. To get started, simply download the Mobile Link app. For additional help watch this short video for step by step assistance.

Monitor your generator status directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are

Get notified immediately when your generator is running, exercising, or ready for routine maintenance

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