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Supplier Support

Attention Valued Generac Supply Partner

Below you will find copies of various Generac policies, procedures and required forms. We wish you to use this site often to view any specifications and expectations defined on our purchase orders as this site is host to the most current version. Some of the documents we have been able to provide to you with the ability to fill and submit electronically. These forms will have these instructions listed.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Download Supplier Documents

Generac Power Systems Supplier Handbook

Business Classification & Certifications Survey — USA Only

Flow-Down Clauses for US Government Contracts

Global Vendor Banking Information
This form provides Generac the required bank details to pay a vendor by wire transfer or ACH for USA vendors.

Global New Vendor Profile / Change Request
This form provides Generac the necessary vendor details to create or change Vendor Master data.

Labeling Requirements - USA & Non-USA
Expected labeling format that must be used in material shipments to Generac.

NAICS Listing (North American Industry Classification System) - USA Only
This code system that classifies companies based on the activities in which they are primarily engaged.

Non-Disclosure Agreement - Chinese
Mutually beneficial NDA for Chinese Partners.

Non-Disclosure Agreement - English
Mutually beneficial NDA for all partners in countries other than China.

Packaging and Preservation Specification - USA & Non-USA
Expected compliance that must be followed in material shipment to Generac.

Preferred Carriers List
The parties listed have been authorized to perform the services identified for Generac Power Systems, Inc. and their subsidiaries.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - USA & Non-USA
Governs sales of Supplier products to Generac.

Términos y Condiciones - Órdenes de Compra
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - Spanish

Supplier Business Code of Conduct - USA and Non-USA
Expected workplace standards and practices consistent with Generac values.

Supplier Change Request Form - USA & Non-USA
Process document that must be used by Generac suppliers to request to make any changes to supplied parts and/or product.

Transportation Routing Guide - USA Only
Supports supplier in expected shipment method and allowable carrier by state.

Transportation Routing Guide - Non-USA Only
Supports supplier in expected shipment method and required forwarder to be utilized.

W-8 Certificate of Status of Beneficial - Non-USA Only
See interactive document below.

W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification - USA Only
See interactive document below.


W-9 Information

USA Companies will send a completed W-9 copy

  • Provides Generac the formal name of your organization
  • Provides Generac if you have a DBA (Doing Business As) name - verifies our records so applicable correspondence display name(s) accurately
  • Confirms your taxpayer identification number so we can verify our records

W-9 Form Instructions

  1. Open the W-9 form and complete all applicable section Print W-9 form, add your signature
  2. Save your completed and signed W-9 form to your computer

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W-8 Information

Non-USA Companies will send us a completed W-8 copy
  • Provides Generac the formal name of your organization to verify our records are accurate
  • Provides Generac confirmation of your organization’s NON-USA status
  • Confirms purchases from your organization are not subject to US tax reporting

W-8 Form Instructions

  1. Open the W-8 form and complete the pages and sections outlined below:
  • Page 1 - Complete informational items (i.e. name, address, entity type)
    • Line 5, Chapter 4 Status. Please check the box for your organization’s proper category and complete any additional parts of the form indicated for the category. We have found that the majority of our Non-US business partners have fallen into the category active non-financial foreign entity (NFFE). The description of the active NFFE category can be found on page 7, Part XXV.
    • If your organization does not have a US tax identification number or GIIN (lines 9 and 9a), these items can be left blank.
    • Line #10 reference number needs not be completed.
  1. When finished with these sections, print all completed pages.
  2. Sign and date page 8, part XXX
  3. Save your completed and signed W-8 form to your computer

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