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Business Classification and Certifications
Defines supplier business size and classification along with NAICS codes.

Labeling Requirements
Expected labeling format that must be used in material shipments to Generac.

Non-Disclosure Agreement - Chinese
Mutually beneficial NDA for Chinese Partners.

Non-Disclosure Agreement - English
Mutually beneficial NDA for all partners in countries other than China.

Transportation Routing Guide - Domestic Generac (External)
Supports supplier in expected shipment method and allowable carrier by state.

Transportation Routing Guide - International
Supports supplier in expected shipment method and required forwarder to be utilized.

Packaging and Preservation Specification
Expected compliance that must be followed in material shipment to Generac.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Governs sales of Supplier products to Generac.

Supplier Change Request Form
Process document that must be used by Generac suppliers to request to make any changes to supplied parts and/or product.

Supplier Business Code of Conduct

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