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Use Your Backup Power System to Earn Rewards!

As the owner of a Generac product equipped with Smart Grid Ready technology, you can take part in a local Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program and earn rewards!1 Plus, by participating you can also help stabilize the electrical grid, helping you save money on your utility bill and protect your community from power outages.

Virtual Power Plant Programs: Creating a Smart Grid for the Future

Extreme weather conditions and increased electricity-use during peak times can put a strain on the electrical grid beyond what it can support. This can result in power outages or rolling blackouts that disrupt your comfort and safety.

Generac set out to solve this problem by delivering turn-key distributed energy assets such as generators, battery storage systems, and smart thermostats, that can be interconnected and operate together. Through a VPP program, the collective energy is controlled centrally and dispersed as needed to stabilize the grid during periods of peak demand. As the owner of a Generac product equipped with Smart Grid Ready technology, you can join in this innovative solution to help maintain grid stability and increase your energy independence.

Products Equipped with Smart Grid Ready Technology Include*:

  • Generac home standby generators
  • Generac commercial and industrial generators
  • PWRcell solar + battery storage systems

1 VPP programs are not available in all locations.
*Models manufactured prior to 2018 may not include Smart Grid Ready technology. Visit the FAQs section to see a full list of applicable models or to learn how to upgrade your system.


Here’s how it works:

After you are approved to participate and enrolled in a VPP program, your local electricity provider will notify Generac when demand for power is high, and the grid needs support.
Generac will access your Smart Grid Ready product remotely, along with a network of other Smart Grid Ready products in your community, to help maintain the grid’s reliability and affordability. You don’t need to do a thing and you won’t notice any difference in your product’s performance. You will continue to retain a portion of your stored backup power, so your home will maintain some power reserve, even after participating in a VPP energy event.

Once the grid is regulated, typically within a couple hours, your product will go back to its normal functionality. You’ll always have the option to opt out if there’s ever a time you don’t want to participate.

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Questions? Please call 1-855-886-5405

Climate Change and the aging electrical grid are leading to more power outages that are longer lasting and create extreme inconveniences for families and businesses.
Now, together with Generac, you can be a part of the solution.

Before the development of VPPs, energy providers relied on expensive, CO2 emitting backup power plants to supply the power needed to meet excess demand. By joining a VPP Program, you can reduce your dependence on the electrical grid, and help eliminate the need for new, backup power plants that can contribute to climate change and higher electricity costs.

A power outage can cause major disruption to your routine. Community-wide outages affect your ability to complete everyday tasks like filling up on gas, withdrawing cash from the bank, or going grocery shopping. By combining distributed energy resources, including your Generac products, VPPs can help prevent outages, so the businesses you rely upon daily can remain operational.

In addition to the peace of mind that you receive from Generac products, you can obtain additional return on your investment. Explore program incentives available in your area today.


Frequently Asked Questions

About the smart grid

What is a VPP?
A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a cloud-based network of Distributed Energy Resources (like battery storage devices, backup generators, and smart thermostats) that can be utilized to reduce stress on the electrical grid during times of peak energy use.

VPPs not only reward participants, but they are typically more efficient and less damaging to the environment because they utilize existing infrastructure over building new power plants.

What are DERs?
Distributed Energy Resources, or DERs, are power generating devices or controllable power-consuming devices that are connected to the grid. DERs include solar panels, battery storage devices, smart thermometers, and backup generators, and are typically behind the meter.

Is distributed power as reliable as power plant power?
Distributed power can be just as reliable as power from a power plant, and it provides utilities with additional flexibility during periods of high electricity demand. Utilities are increasingly looking to distributed power as an additional layer of reliability in addition to traditional, grid-side resources.

How do homes connect to DERMs software?
All Smart Grid Ready devices with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection can connect to DERMs. An installer will connect the device to the Generac DERMs platform during installation.


About participation in the smart grid

How do I find out if my utility has a program?
Click here to find out if there is a VPP program available in your area. You can also contact your utility provider directly.

What if I want to opt-out in the middle of the commitment?
Many utilities offer provisions to opt out in the middle of the contract or during events and operations. Contact your utility for details.

What if my utility doesn’t offer a program?
Fill out this contact form and a member of the Generac team will contact you if a program becomes available in your area.

How much are payments for energy produced at my home?
Payments will vary depending on multiple factors, including location, utility, and size of the Smart Grid Ready resource.

Are there any additional tax incentives offered by the federal government?
Check with your local jurisdictions to determine if any local, state, or federal programs are available.

If my unit is Smart Grid Ready, does that mean that I can participate?
Your local electric utility must participate in a Generac-enabled program in order to participate. We are adding programs all the time and will continue to inform customers when they may be eligible.

About Generac products and technology

Which models are Smart Grid Ready?

  • All Guardian Series air cooled generators (16kW-26kW)
  • Limited commercial “Protector” liquid cooled generators: RG04845 / RG06045 / RG08045
  • Industrial generators require an additional communications interface device (extra cost assembly available through Special Engineering) to be Smart Grid Ready
  • PWRcell -- PWRcell X7602, X11402, XVT07 models

How can I make my current PWRcell or home standby generator Smart Grid Ready?
If your system is Wi-Fi-enabled, it can be upgraded remotely, with no service call required. Authorized Generac dealers are always available to assist in connecting enabled units to Wi-Fi.

I understand that some models that aren’t Smart Grid Ready can be upgraded to Smart Grid Ready. Which models and how do I upgrade?
PWRcell systems with a PWRcell Beacon and Consumption CTs are compatible with Smart Grid Ready but will need a software update to be Smart Grid Ready. If your system was installed by a Generac-certified installer, it should be equipped with these pieces. While we periodically introduce software updates for Wi-Fi-connected systems, you can also request an update by contacting your Authorized Generac Dealer or Customer Support.

Do I need a service call to have my system upgraded?
If your system is Wi-Fi-enabled, it can be upgraded remotely, with no service call required. Authorized Generac dealers are always available to assist in connecting enabled units to Wi-Fi.

How much more will Smart Grid Ready technology cost?
For homeowners, the technology will be provided free of charge. Some industrial units may require hardware that will incur some cost, depending on the specific system.

Are there maintenance requirements I'll have to meet to participate?
The maintenance requirements are the same as the maintenance requirements necessary for the warranty.

How does my participation impact my product warranty?
The original Generac factory warranty remains in place, even if you participate with your utility provider.

Will the price of the generators be changing?
For homeowners, the technology will be provided free of charge. Some industrial units may require hardware that will incur some cost, depending on the specific system.

Will I be able to order non-Smart Grid Ready products?
For home standby generators and solar + storage systems, Smart Grid-Ready technology is standard equipment. Industrial generators will continue to be available without this feature.



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