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Protect Your Home with the Diesel-fueled Protector Series

Generac Protector Series

Generac’s new Protector™ Series diesel generators raise the bar for residential diesel generators. In the past, the only solution to diesel-fueled home backup power was to order expensive, custom-configured solutions. Until now.

No Natural Gas or LP Fuel?
No Problem.

Protect Your Home with the Diesel-fueled Protector Series

Because building and zoning codes concerning diesel fuel can vary wildly from one municipality to another, Generac's Protector Series features a set of popular preconfigured options and accessories to ensure that your generator will be able to adapt to your local diesel-fueled backup generator codes. Even better, the Protector Series is more cost-effective than many competitive diesel-fueled backup power solutions.

Protector Series Features

What Makes the Protector Series Different from Other Diesel-fueled Backup Generators?
In the past, homeowners without ready access to either natural gas or diesel fuel had to invest in expensive configured diesel generator solutions. The Protector Series is an off-the-shelf solution that features a set of popular pre-configured options and accessories so your generator will meet local code requirements, wherever you live.

Evolution™ Controller

The next generation of intuitive controllers features a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with color-coded, backlit buttons.


Thanks to Quiet-Test, your Protector Series home backup generator runs its weekly self-test at a lower RPM. It’s quieter, and consumes less fuel.

5-Year Limited Warranty

We are proud of our innovative product design, high quality and first-class reliability so we stand behind them with a strong 5-year limited warranty.

Code Ready

The Protector Series offers compatibility with a variety of environments, with external vent and fill, a UL/CUL 142-listed, double-walled base tank, a UL/CUL 2200-listed generator, and a wide range of code-driven accessories.

Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Available in the U.S. only. See dealer for details. View all options

We reserve the right to alter or discontinue the terms of these promotional offers anytime.

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