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Tap Into a Huge Growth Market

Market Review

Tap Into A Huge Growth Market
In 2011, up to 100,000 people lost power every day - that's 36 million people affected by 7300 outages! Knowing power won’t be lost in an emergency is an important part of making your customers feel safe in their homes. An overtaxed power grid, seasonal storms and the threat of larger future storms have homeowners considering a generator to be an essential, affordable investment in home and family protection. Central air conditioning was originally a luxury item. By the 1980s, it had become a regularly included item in homes of all sizes. Today, automatic generators are following this same path. No longer considered a luxury, they are being thought of as an essential part of the home building process.

Take Advantage of Increased Consumer Awareness
In the wake of the many widespread power outages of 2011, consumer awareness of and demand for home backup power has increased dramatically. Hurricane Irene, the late autumn East Coast snowstorm, and the maintenance-related power outage in Southern California reminded millions of consumers that they need a solution to long-term power outages before the lights go out. Now is the time to capitalize on this trend and offer them the solution chosen by 7 out of 10 home backup generator customers.

Homebuilder Relies on Generac to Protect Development
Read the Builder Alliance Newsletter to learn how a Maryland homebuilder is using Generac backup generators to protect every home in a new community.

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