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Remote Monitoring for Home Backup Generators

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring System

Mobile Link is the new cellular remote monitoring system from Generac that lets you check on your backup generator’s status, or receive timely notifications when something is needed, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. With Mobile Link, you’ll always know exactly what your generator is doing – or not doing—anytime, anywhere.

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<strong>Mobile Link™</strong> Remote Monitoring System

Mobile Link is compatible with most 2008-and-newer air-cooled standby generators and 2010-and-newer liquid-cooled standby generators from Generac that have a Nexus controller LCD display. Mobile Link is not compatible with existing wireless or advanced monitoring solutions from Generac® 

Note: Please ensure you have cellular service capable of sending and receiving text messages in your area before purchasing.


Model Numbers

6463 – Mobile Link
6478 –  22-150kW Liquid-Cooled Extension Cable

(Note: This harness is required with Mobile Link for all liquid-cooled units)


  • Provides over 40 different customizable message
  • Stays on when the power goes out unlike WIFI-based solutions
  • Lowest total cost of any wireless monitoring solution
  • Installs in less than 15 minutes and remarkably easy to use


1 year limited. Please visit the FAQ on or call 855-Gen-View (855-436-8439) with any product questions.


Monitoring service is included for the first year with purchase of the Mobile Link product. After the first year, choose from low-cost monthly or annual plans. Ongoing subscriptions available for as little as $99 per year or $249 for three years.

No need to go outside during inclement weather to check your generator's status. Completely wireless and battery powered, Generac's Wireless Monitor provides you with instant status information without ever leaving the house. Basic features include:

  • Red, yellow and green status indicator lights with Buzzer function to alert owners when the generator needs attention
  • Audio alert when battery is low
  • Compact sleek design and magnetic backed for refrigerator mounting
  • 600-foot line of sight communication

Available Models
Model # 6664

Adapter kit required for 22-150 kW units #6665

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