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It's OK To Have Fun at Work

Continually bringing innovation to the marketplace can be a challenging job. Our employees thrive in this fast-paced work environment. However, it’s not all work and no play. At Generac, we believe in having fun. From minor celebrations to major events, our employees balance their work by building a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration through a variety of occasions, including our Friday Fun Days, where we relax in our jeans and have some fun.
We have scheduled events throughout the year that allows our employees, both current and retirees, to gather together and enjoy their time with their families and co-workers. Some of our highlighted events include ... 

It's OK To <strong>Have Fun at Work</strong>
  • Golf Outing and League
  • Bowling Tournament and League
  • Turkey Toss
  • Traditional Holiday Food Days
  • Pie in the Face Contests
  • Employee Recognition
  • Service Award Banquets
  • Customer First Week
  • "Our People" Monthly Spotlights
  • Charity Sponsored Walks
  • Cookouts
  • Raffles
  • Company-wide Picnics
  • May the Fourth Be With You Star Wars Celebration Day
  • Recipe and Baking Contests

Not only do we have fun, but interested employees are invited to participate in coming up with new ideas and planning special events.

Take Charge

It’s a challenge, and an invitation. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to join an industry leader in operations, supply chain logistics, human resources, customer support, engineering, information technology, finance, sales and manufacturing.

Generac career opportunities include:

  • Leadership
  • Professional
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Support
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