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Prepare for Installation

Prepare for Installation

What to Expect When Installing Your Home Standby Generator

By investing in a Generac home standby generator, you’ve taken the first step to being well-prepared for the next power outage. As severe storms and an aging power grid contribute to an increase in power outages, having a backup power system for your home ensures that you will never be interrupted from a power outage.

How does this work?

Now that you've purchased your home standby generator or are looking for more information on installation, the next few pages walk through what to expect on installation day of your home standby generator.

What does that include?

We’ll first talk about how your installer decides where to place your generator; then how they place the generator; followed by how the generator is connected to your home; and finally what accessories are available to keep your generator running at peak performance. Let’s get started! Click the arrow below or above to progress to the next step.