Power for Municipalities

Generac Industrial Power Helps Municipalities Rise to the Challenges of Serving and Protecting Community Members

Municipalities are continually asked to do more with less whether its maintaining municipal buildings, providing a vast array of community services, or providing protection for citizens during emergencies. There is no one “cookie-cutter” generator solution that will meet the incredibly diverse needs of municipalities. The good news is that Generac Industrial Power provides a wide range of gensets, accessories, controllers, and enclosures, so we can help you find the optimum solution to surpass your challenges.

Your Need: Emergency Preparedness
With major hurricanes and massive flooding that can occur at any time, the role of emergency preparedness is very great. Citizens not only depend upon crisis services including first responders and 911 call centers, but they also look to municipal facilities for shelter during the storm. Authorities may also need municipal buildings to act as command centers in the wake of a disaster.

If that were not enough, FEMA and other governmental agencies are asking cities and towns to deliver more robust support systems to community members living in underserved areas and government-sponsored housing unit.

Standby Power for Emergency Services

Police and fire stations, and 911 call centers must function during emergencies. Generac provides diesel gensets from 50 kW up to 3.25 MW to meet NEC and NFPA requirements for on-site fuel. And many of these gensets can be paralleled to meet even greater power requirements. Generac’s Modular Power Systems (MPS) feature on-generator paralleling so our units do not require dedicated and expensive third-party switchgear.

Future expansion generators simply tie directly to the generator bus. Because the paralleling is already built into the generator, the Generac MPS system inherently has greater flexibility for growth, requires less electrical room space, and reduces initial capital cost, which can help with your always tight budgets.

Paralleling also works for many government housing units as rooftop installations are being specified so flooding doesn’t impact power supply. MPS gensets are smaller and lighter weight which helps balance the rooftop load, while still providing the needed kWs. 

Backup Power for Light Rail Crossings
Many communities are turning to light rail systems to provide more efficient ways for citizens to access downtown areas while at the same time helping to reduce emissions and parking challenges. Since light rail trains typically cross many busy intersections, during an outage, their vital crossing signals continue to function to help prevent dangerous accidents.

For light rail crossings, natural gas generators are becoming the preferred choice. Most light rail systems are located along the natural gas right of way making it easy to tie into the service lines. Generac offers gaseous generators from 22 kW up to 500 kW nodes, providing the power needed for most applications with limited service and maintenance requirements. In addition, these units can be paralleled to provide more kWs, as needed. 

Our technological advances in natural gas generators have earned us awards from Frost and Sullivan as “The Natural Gas Generator Company of the Year”. In addition, our 500 kW natural gas generator recently earned a Silver Award from the readers of Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine.

Providing Clean Water for Citizens Through Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The demand for safe water is growing rapidly. And as water consumption doubles globally every 20 years, municipalities are more focused than ever on using this resource wisely and efficiently.

Computers control water-processing and delivery systems, and sophisticated digital water meters and data analysis can improve operations and reduce costs. Yet those innovations and increasing regulations have put even more pressure on facilities to have reliable backup power systems.

Both water and wastewater facilities place great demands on pumping equipment for consistent water distribution and treatment processes. When pumps go offline due to power outages, these processes are halted and water distribution ceases. In the case of large municipalities, returning all plant systems to normal operations and resuming the distribution of water can be a daunting task. During prolonged outages, under-treatment may occur, and the penalties both in terms of financial and environmental damage can be severe.

How Generac Rises to the Challenge

Generac Industrial Power can provide the kWs you need with a variety of fuel sources. We offer everything from 3.25 MW of plant backup power up to 100 MW of primary power with our paralleled MPS for critical pumping stations. Generac Industrial Power can tailor a robust power system that meets your specific requirements — delivering dependable power when you need it most.

And our tough-as-nails diesel gensets can be paralleled with our natural gas and bi-fuel units, providing the extended runtimes you may need. You can also choose from larger alternators, sound attenuated enclosures, extreme performance enclosures, a variety of control systems, and different size base tanks. Each one is designed to meet your specifications seamlessly.

Generac is the Leader in Municipal Support
Providing a substantive backup power response requires strategic planning including the location of genset units, fuel choices, sizing requirements, and paralleling potential. We also understand the complexities involved with RFPs and budget considerations, and we provide a variety to tools such as SpecExpert, to help you create custom specs, and Power Design Pro™ for sizing and analysis of different options, to assist you in this process. 

At the same time, we think your best resource is our network of Industrial Power Distributors, as they know your local community codes, local AHJs, and they can assist in countless ways. Count on our distributors to serve and protect you during this process. 
We know cities never sleep and at Generac, neither do we.  

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