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Current Power Outages

Who is Without Power and Where?

If you live in an area that was recently affected by storms or may be soon, you can now stay up to date on utility outages by using our outage tracker to see current outages state by state.

Note to journalists: You are encouraged to use this information for your coverage of power outages in your area. Please credit Generac Power Outage Central in all instances.

View Canada power outages here.

Power Outage

Are You Ready for an Outage?

Learn about how you can prepare for a storm outage and what to do after the storm too.

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Taking Action in a Power Outage

When the power goes out, your first thought is probably: What should I do? Find out in the articles below.

  Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing with Outages - Find out what you should do, and what could be dangerous to do in a power outage.

  Fun Things to Do When the Power’s Out - Don’t get bored in a power outage! Try these fun activities.

   Icelandic Power and How They Avoid Power Outages - Flooding can be devastating. Our preparation tips help lessen the flood water’s impact.

Why Power Outages Happen

There’s much more to what leads to a power outage than most people think. Learn more below.

  Causes of Power Outages - Learn more about the most common causes of a power outage.

  How Animals Cause Power Outages -Surprisingly, little critters can knock out power, too.

   Causes of Power Outages in the U.S. vs. Worldwide - The world deals with different contributors to power outages.

  Overlooked Causes of Power Outages - Learn about power outage causes you may not have known about.


 How Power Outages Happen - Just how does the power go out? Learn how here.

 How Power Grids Work - Power grids sound complex, but we’ll tell you how they work.

Where Power Outages Happen

In the articles below, our Generac experts talk about where and when power outages have had the largest impact.

  Top 5 States Where Power Outages Occur - Power outages can occur anywhere, but these states have had to deal with them the most.

  Top 10 Industries Affected by Power Outages - Businesses are also affected by outages, especially those in these industries.

   The Biggest Losers Worldwide from Power Outages - Some countries get hit harder than others when power outages strike.

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