Woman with generator outside and white picket fence.

When the power fails,  you won't.

A Generac home standby generator automatically restores power to your home during an outage, whether caused by storms, failed equipment or an overworked power grid, so your life goes on uninterrupted.

Our home standby generators provide permanent peace of mind. 

More ways to keep power close at hand.

At Generac, we believe everyone should have the power they need to tackle every chore, store the power they generate and bring the power they need on-the-go, wherever they go. So, we’ve built a wide range of products to do just that.  

Be prepared for hurricane season

From the leader in emergency power and preparedness, Generac offers you a manageable way to guide you through the storm season. Download our Hurricane Preparedness Guide for more useful information on the upcoming hurricane season.

Proud to be powered by Generac.

Your trust is earned. 

We’ve worked hard to be your trusted source of power since 1959.


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