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100A Rated 16Ckt Automatic Transfer Switch

Model #RXG16EZA1W

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100A Rated 16Ckt Automatic Transfer Switch

Housed in a NEMA 1 enclosure, this pre-wired transfer switch has an integrated, 16 circuit load center. Designed to supply power to only those designated circuits, it ensures only the essentials are covered by the standby air-cooled generator during an emergency.

This switch features a 5 year limited warranty.


Essential Circuit Coverage
Cover only the circuits you need! Used in applications where only a portion of the building load is needed to be backed up by the generator. 

NEMA 1 Indoor Rated Enclosure
This enclosure is built to be installed indoors, and keeps the internal components of the switch safe from large debris and dust. 

We stand by our high-quality, innovative product design with a strong 5-year limited warranty.