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Financial Loss from Power Outages Worldwide

The Biggest Losers Worldwide from Power Outages

Countries Financially Affected by Failing Power Grids

Failing power grids are a leading reason for disastrous power outages that can affect residential and commercial activities. Countries that fail to invest in modern technologies for their power grids run the risk of suffering great financial loss. Power loss can range from a few hours to several days. While modern power grids have better technology than those in the past, they are still prone to risks of their own. Power outage causes can range from solar flares to cyber-attacks. However, since much of the world does not have access to the latest technologies they are destined to suffer the largest relative losses due to power outages.

* Sales value lost refers to the percentage of potential revenue lost due to a power outage

The top 10 countries most prone to financial loss from a power outage are:

10. Afghanistan

  • 9.6% of sales value lost
  • Repairs of damaged towers delayed due to lack of materials

9. Uganda

  • 11.2% of sales value lost
  • Poor maintenance and low water levels contribute to power blackouts

8. Madagascar

  • 13.6% of sales value lost
  • Demonstrations are responsible for a large amount of power blackouts

7. South Sudan

  • 13.6% of sales value lost
  • Power outages are due to fuel shortages
  • Only six generators provide power to the capital city of Juba

6. Tanzania

  • 15.1% of sales value lost
  • Attempts to update power grid have caused blackouts of over a month
  • Low water levels in the country’s hydroelectric dams cause blackouts as well

5. Nigeria

  • 15.6% of sales value lost
  • Hospitals and mining industry are the most effected

4. Ghana

  • 15.8% of sales value lost
  • Outages are caused by the countries power utilities infrastructure

3.  Nepal

  • 17.0% of sales value lost
  • Earthquakes have recently taken a huge toll on an outdated power grid

2. Yemen

  • 19.7% of sales value lost
  • Extremely frequent outages have many business investing in generator systems

1. Pakistan

  • 33.8% of sales value lost
  • High temperatures in the summer increase the amount of outages
  • Many outages last up to three hours a day or longer

Why do power outages happen throughout the world?

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