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Standby Power for Gas Stations

Gas Stations are a Refuge for Drivers in a Power Outage

During a power outage, gas sales increase. Whether people need gas to get to work, continue on a long road trip, or need a quick snack, they rely on gas stations to refuel their car and their stomachs. A gas station can be a beacon of relief along the road when someone needs it most. It’s important for gas stations to stay open during a power outage to maintain the ability to pump gas, bill customers, and provide assistance.

What Happens When Gas Stations Lose Power

When disaster strikes, gas stations can lose a lot of revenue. Without power, customers are unable to pump fuel, perishable goods can expire, and security systems go down.

With a business standby generator from Generac, you can be one of the few businesses that remain open during a power outage. Keep the gas — and the money — flowing.

Benefits of Backup Power for Gas Stations

Keeping operations running during and after a power outage is essential for establishing business continuity. A Generac business standby generator ensures that and more. You won’t have to venture out in bad weather to check on your business because you’ll know everything is up and running. You won’t lose out on potential sales, or the chance to assist the community with the food and fuel they need.

Products for Every Business - Including Gas Stations

Generac understands that every business is different. We have products that will work well for gas stations. In many states, the law requires that gas stations have a backup generator. We have distributors around the country and industry experts to help you determine the right size and installation location.

Keep Customers Coming to You in a Power Outage

If you own a gas station and don’t have a backup generator, you risk spoiled food and drinks, and lost fuel customers. Don’t let a power outage hurt your bottom line. Get the business generator you need for your gas station today!