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Be the Only Business Around Open After a Storm

When the Water Rises, Some Businesses Rise to the Response

While many businesses suffer devastating losses during and after a hurricane, some actually continue operating as normal immediately after a storm. The storm-related assistance businesses can offer is reassuring news to business owners in some industries.

The first concern people have after a disaster is making sure they have enough food. This means restaurants and grocery stores that are open become a very valuable resource. Next on the list is fuel, which is why gas stations that are open after a storm are a much-needed business in the community. For those whose homes have been damaged, a church or hotel is a comforting place to take shelter.

On the other hand, if there is any minor damage to houses, roofing and construction material suppliers often have a generator and stay open. Homeowners want to repair their home as soon as possible. In addition to homes, schools, churches, and office buildings may need to replace siding, roof shingles, garage doors, or windows.

Tree removal, water damage restoration, and waste restoration companies are a great help to homeowners after a hurricane. If they have a standby generator, people in need can use their services. Water needs to be removed, trees cleared, and storm debris needs to be taken away.

With a business standby generator, you can stay open, rising to storm response in your community. You’ll be there when your customers need you most.

To help people in a hurricane, get a generator!

If you own a business in one of these industries, you want to make sure you can get through a hurricane and open up shortly after. You want to be able to help people and keep your business operating. When you are prepared and secure your assets, your business won’t skip a beat. You’ll be open when people need you. Get a Generac generator so the power stays on all the time.