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Thunderstorms, Lightning, and Your Business

Crack, Flash, Zap! Your Business Versus Lightning

During a thunderstorm or other severe weather, lightning can strike at any time — and up to 10 miles away from any rainfall. With lightning and high winds being the most common weather-related power interruptions, power outages can strike your business at any time.

Lighting and wind during a thunderstorm are bad news for your power. These weather elements can cause faults at power stations, damage to electric transmission lines, or electrical shorts in other parts of the distribution system, which can all knock out power. A business standby generator from Generac provides you with peace of mind in any weather by turning on automatically after power to your building or business is lost. 

With a business standby generator and a business continuity plan prepared, your business can recover more quickly in the event of a thunderstorm. Minimizing your downtime after severe weather can retain the trust of existing customers and gain the loyalty of new ones. Generac has the equipment to protect your power both during and after the storm, and to resume normal business operations sooner.

Don’t Let Lightning Zap Your Power—Get a Generator

If you feel like you have enough to worry about during a thunderstorm, don’t let losing power be one more thing. Invest in a business standby generator to keep your business up and running no matter the weather.