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Tornadoes Take a Toll on Business

Tornadoes Can Knock Out a Business’ Power – What Can You Do?

Any area of the country can be hit with a tornado. However, if you live in tornado alley—the states between the Dakotas and Texas—your business is especially prone to tornado damage.

In 2008, Parkersburg, Iowa was struck by a huge tornado. Some businesses were destroyed while many pulled through but ultimately lost power. These included a restaurant, grocery store, and bank. However, a pharmacy stayed open and rapidly filled prescriptions. Why? They had a backup generator.

With a business standby generator and a business continuity plan prepared, your business can recover more quickly in the event of a tornado. Minimizing your downtime after severe weather can retain the trust of existing customers and gain the loyalty of new ones. Generac has the equipment to protect your power both during and after the storm, and to resume normal business operations sooner.

Invest in a Business Standby Generator Before the Next Tornado

If you want to ensure your business is protected in a tornado, invest in a business standby generator. Generac has units available to fit any sized commercial building. Find out more about our products.