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Mowing and Trimming Made Easy.

Field and Brush Mowers and Trimmers

Tackle any mowing project from trimming dense weeds to removing tall grass. Well-designed steel equipment makes it easy to cut through a variety of grass types. Whatever your mowing challenge, we’ll take care of it.

Reclaim Overgrown Land

Mowing tall grass and dense growth has never been easier. The professional-grade G-Force engine and power steering capability allow for easy maneuverability.
•    Self-adjusting clutch
•    Thick, cast iron spindle
•    Gear-driven transmission 
•    26 in. or 30 in. pivoting deck models

<b>Reclaim Overgrown Land </b>

Got hills? No problem!

Ideal for hilly terrain, our field and brush mower allows you to mow on slopes of up to 20 degrees with ease. Power steering and hand brakes for each wheel put you in control as you navigate terrain. A comfortable working height is important, especially when traversing rough terrain. Controls are integrated into the grips for your operating comfort.

Built to Last

A thick cast iron spindle allows for vibration free performance. This mower is designed for years of maintenance-free use. A heavy-duty frame allows you to chew through brush and offers reliable operation.

Hands-free field mowing.

Have some pesky areas filled with saplings, brambles and other vegetation? Look no further than our field and brush tow behind mower. Tackle up to two acres an hour from the comfort of your seat. Let a heavy duty steel frame act as a brush bar pushing materials under the deck before mulching. Designed for reliability and high performance. Attach to your utility or lawn tractor—or even your ATV. 
•    Generac G-Force engine
•    Floating Deck 
•    Commercial Grade Electric Clutch
•    Mulching Capability 

<b> Hands-free field mowing. </b>

Big Mulching Appetite

A 44-inch floating mowing deck gives you the ability to mow outside the deck. Great for fence lines and other obstacles while still giving you precise control. A heavy duty steel brush bar feeds and mulches the field’s vegetation. And a debris guard stops materials from flying forward. 

Easy Operating

The tow behind’s powerful Generac G-Force engine and pivoting blades make this mower the natural choice for any mowing task. A tool-free height adjustor allows you to quickly change the height when the terrain calls for it. A remote control allows you to engage with the mower directly from your driver seat. 

A dual-purpose solution.

Tricky, tight areas are no match for this professional grade trimmer. Whether you need a precise trimming or all-purpose mower, this trimmer can take on the job and years of punishment. 
•    Oversized wheels
•    Heavy-duty cutting cords
•    Anti-wrap trimmer head
•    Adjustable mowing heights

<b> A dual-purpose solution. </b>

Give Your Shoulders a Break

Our heavy duty trimmer has about five times more power than a standard hand held trimmer. This gives you the power to easily take down waist-high weeds and grass. Large 16-inch wheels and three cutting heights provide you plenty of flexibility for any outdoor area.  

Tested Performance

We’ve taken the time to test this versatile trimmer to make sure it works for all of your needs. Replace cords in seconds. Every detail is designed to deliver great reliability and lasting performance. 

Mow and trim like a pro.

Mow and trim like a pro.

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