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Portable generators are for convenience. You can use them for just about anything they have a capacity to run. Run your power tools, go caravanning, power camping trips, construction sites, even back up your home. However, home backup power is more complicated when you want to back up your in-home appliances. Tangles of extension cords trailing through windows and doorways are frustrating to string through the house. 

Reaching the furnace, refrigerator, or sump pump in the dark can be difficult, time consuming, and dangerous. Thankfully, there is an easier way with a manual transfer switch. By installing a transfer switch, you can skip the extra scary movie steps and simply plug in your generator to the house inlet box. After that, flip all the circuit breakers to off, start the generator, switch to generator power, then flip things on one at a time. No more trips to a dark basement or trying to map out extension cord lengths like some kind of puzzle. 

Installing a transfer switch is not a DIY project that just anyone can do: For that, call a Generac retailer for an experienced electrician to install it.

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