Make the Switch to Single Load

A single load transfer switch is for portable generator owners who are interested in targeted home backup power. With a single load transfer switch, you can safely deliver targeted protection to key areas of your home. Choose the kitchen load for all your cooking appliances, or choose key circuits in your home for just lights, sump pump, furnace, or well pump. Whatever you want to power is up to you. When the power goes out, simply plug a grounded extension cord into the power outlet on your generator and into the plug on the transfer switch.

With a NEMA enclosure, your inlet to the house stays protected from the elements. A two-year warranty further protects you from faulty hardware, keeping your investment safe. There are also many accessories to choose from with a single load transfer switch. Longer generator cords and differing inlet boxes are available depending on your needs.

Single Load Transfer Switch Features:

  • Safe: Prevents dangerous back-feeding to avoid injuring utility line workers
  • Powers hard-wired circuits: Directly powers hard-wired appliances such as your furnace, well pump and lights
  • Enclosure Protection: NEMA 1 indoor protection for single loads.
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