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Maintenance Kit FAQs

Maintenance Kit FAQs

  • What maintenance do I need to do and how often?

    Maintenance requirements vary between home standby generators, portable generators and inverters. Always consult your owner’s manual before performing any kind of maintenance on your own. We recommend contacting an Independent Authorized Service Dealer (IASD) to service your generator.

    • If you are performing your own maintenance, remember all safety precautions including proper personal protection equipment.
    • For home standby generators, regular maintenance includes changing air filters, oil and oil filters, spark plugs, checking battery charge, sediment traps, valve clearance, and cleaning the generator from dirt and debris inside the enclosure and outside around the unit. The use of your generator determines maintenance intervals. Your generator will need oil replenished, fuel and oil line inspection, and inspection of enclosure louvers for dirt and debris if the unit is running daily, such as in a prolonged utility outage. When changing your oil, use only Generac 5W-20 GEO Full Synthetic engine oil to protect your engine. Otherwise, maintenance intervals happen between 200 hours and 400 hours of operation, or every two to four years – whichever happens first. Touching up chipped paint protects against corrosion, while installing base fascia protects your generator from unwanted inhabitants.
    • Portable generators require engine oil level checks before each use. At 100 hours or every year, change the oil and inspect/clean the spark arrestor. The spark plug should be changed every year. Valve clearance should be checked either every year or at 300 hours. For every 200 hours, the air filters need to be cleaned or replaced. When changing your oil, use only Generac 5W-30 Full Synthetic oil to protect and prolong your engine’s life.

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