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Social Media Community Guidelines

Generac Power Systems manages a variety of social media channels and strives to create engaging, and informative communities where our brand and customers can share and consume information and have conversations around specific topics.

Our social media channels provide an outlet for our brand to share product information, company events, highlight employees and showcase our customers, dealers and other parties. 

If you engage with any of our social media channels in any way, you are agreeing to abide by these community guidelines and will be held to them.  These apply in addition to any other legal notices that are provided by Generac Power Systems.  Any notices of this nature can be found at 

The content of comments by the community is the responsibility of the individuals posting them and not of Generac Power Systems or the owner of the social media platform. 

1. Be Respectful
We welcome community engagement on our social media channels. Whether it is a response to something we have published or a message to us, or conversation publicly started, we appreciate that you share your viewpoint and thoughts but ask that you do so in a respectful manner. 

  • A respectful manner includes not using inappropriate or off topic words or phrases.  That you refrain from using abusive, harassing and profane terms. 
  • You will not promote or solicit business, donations, third-party sites, initiatives or products.
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove comments and conversations that include any of the items above or for any reason that we deem fit without notice or explanation.  
  • We reserve the right to block and/or ban users who continue to violate these guidelines. 

2. Legal Impact
Because we are a publicly traded company, there are topics that we will not or cannot talk about on social media channels.  Depending on the topic or assistance needed, community members may be directed to one of the following:

  • A private or direct message to gather information
  • Your inquiry being deleted or responded to with “no comment”. 
  • A response in the form of a link for you to gather more information. 
  • A private message for another reason.

We also do not allow certain types of information to be shared on our pages.  We do not allow this same information to be shared by community members on our social media channels. These include:

  • Unsubstantiated claims about or discussion about non-directed or unapproved uses or modifications of our products. 
  • Any use or alteration to our products that may violate our warranty or owner’s manual. 
  • Intellectual property from third parties, such as copyright protected material, trade-marks or logos except with the express consent of the owner of the intellectual property. 
  • Performances or parts of performances that have been broadcast streamed or televised as part of a motion picture. 
  • Names of any individuals or identifiable information.  
  • False or misleading information.
  • Threats, slander, and inappropriate statements. 
  • Text, images or media that could be obscene, profane or in any other way offensive. 
  • Advertising and spam.

3.  Comment Moderation & Response
Generac Power Systems maintains an active social media presence and does respond and moderate in a timely manner to community comments, questions and feedback.  

We are staffed Monday through Friday during normal business hours (Central time). 

Please keep in mind that comments and other items posted by other community members are the opinions and views of others and do not necessarily represent those of Generac Power Systems or its employees. We do not verify accuracy or reliability of anything posted by community members and is not responsible for their content.

4. We Reserve the right to use your posts
By posting, commenting, tagging or in any way responding or interacting with Generac Power Systems on any social media platform, you understand that your post, in whole or in part, ideas or techniques contained in them may be used in any way by Generac Power Systems.  This also includes your name, likeness and social media handle.

Please do not submit any information that you wish to keep confidential or which you expect to receive compensation.  

5. Professional Advice
The majority of the time, questions about warranty, repair or any other questions/concerns directly related to one or more of our products will be referred to our customer service department. Generac Power Systems uses social media channels as a way to engage, share and inform our community, not as an extension of product customer service.  

6. Additional Considerations

  • You must be at least 13 years old to participate
  • Incorrect usage, installation or other event in relation to our products will be immediately removed and used for internal investigation.  This applies to not only direct interactions with Generac Power Systems, but anything found online or in social media channels that warrants internal investigation.