Remote Monitoring for Home Backup Generators

2019 Guardian Series Air cooled generators available with Wi-Fi™ and Free Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring System.  Ask your dealer or retailer for details on the availability of the Wi-Fi™ feature in your area.

With Wi-Fi and Free Mobile Link, you can access your generator 24/7, whether at home or away.  Have greater peace of mind, security, and satisfaction.

The convenient Mobile Link app allows you to monitor your generator from anywhere in the world.

  • Know when your generator runs
  • Monitor the service intervals so necessary maintenance gets done
  • Connect with a dealer for service needs

Gain unparalleled confidence your generator will be there, whenever it is needed.

The Next Generation

Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring System

<strong>Mobile Link™</strong> Remote Monitoring System

Mobile Link™ remote monitoring lets you get and share information about your home standby generator no matter where you are, using your computer, smart phone, or mobile device.

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  • View your generator’s status and maintenance needs
  • Set its exercise schedule
  • Review its running and maintenance history
  • And get notified of status changes

No need to go outside during inclement weather to check your generator's status. Completely wireless and battery powered, Generac's Wireless Monitor provides you with instant status information without ever leaving the house. Basic features include:

  • Red, yellow and green status indicator lights with Buzzer function to alert owners when the generator needs attention
  • Audio alert when battery is low
  • Compact sleek design and magnetic backed for refrigerator mounting
  • 600-foot line of sight communication

Available Models
Model # 6664

Adapter kit required for 22-150 kW units #6665

Download Spec Sheet

Generac’s Propane Tank

A critical part of maintaining your generator is making sure there is enough fuel to get you through the unexpected power outages when utility power is lost. Generac now offers a wireless LP Fuel Level Monitor* to measure the amount of LP fuel remaining in your tank. The Tank Utility app alerts the user for both remaining LP fuel levels and usage reports, offering the ultimate peace of mind.
*This system is compatible with air-cooled and liquid-cooled models that utilize LP as a fuel source. The Tank Utility application is available for iOS and Android available on the iTunes store or Google play store.

Download Generac Tank Utility brochure
Download Generac Tank Utility spec sheet
Download Generac Tank Utility installation guide
Download Generac Tank Utility warranty

Download Generac Dial Replacement guide